The first generation of big tech founders stepped down
The first generation of big tech founders stepped down

Big tech companies have a huge impact on our lives because they have changed the way we live.

Hence, the founders and directors of these companies directly influence our lives through their decisions and the way they interact with the company.

Big tech companies are also some of the world's largest financial and economic powers, and some have budgets that are exceeding budgets across the country.

The founder of the company does not have to be the CEO or CEO of the company for life. In 2021, there were many changes in the CEOs of these companies.

The most important technology company left by the first generation of founders

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey resigned as CEO of the company last week and Marc Benioff has also quit leading the sales team.

You are not the first to give up your self-taught job. The list of founders who left the company includes many influential figures from the technology and business circles, including:

Alibaba company:

Alibaba is known as the parent company of AliExpress websites and stores. Company CEO Jack Ma resigned from the position of managing the company in 2013, but will retain the role of CEO of the Board of Directors until 2019.


Jeff Bezos, the founder of the popular Amazon store, resigned as president of the company last July. Management was entrusted to Andy Gacy, Director of Internet Services at Amazon.


The balance sheet of the founder and CEO of Apple is intriguing: Steve Jobs was the founder and CEO of the company until 2009. At that time, he temporarily handed over management to Tim Cook (Tim Cook), and soon Jobs returned here. In 2011 he finally handed over management of the company to Tim Cook. Tim Cook recently said he does not want to run the company for another ten years and could step down soon.

ByteDance, the owner of the Tik Tok platform:

Company founder Zhang Yiming resigned in May last year. He feared that the company was too dependent on his management.

google browser:

Alphabet owns the Google platform and all its various services, which prompted search engine founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin to move from operational search engines to operational businesses. They also resigned from senior positions in the company in 2019 and Snudar Pichaci became their CEO.


The founders of the platform announced that they will step down from their management positions in September 2018 and relinquish all management rights to Mark Zuckerberg.


Bill Gates gradually retired from the management of the giant Microsoft, which he stepped down as CEO in 2000. However, he remained the chairman of the board until 2008. He resigned completely last year. Satya Nadella).

Netflix platform

Mr. Ted Sarandos was appointed as co-CEO in July 2020. The company said he has a long history of helping the company operate and that the move formally accepts the position.


Jack Dorsey announced his resignation as Twitter's CEO last Monday, saying he believed the company was ready to leave the founder and move on to the next stage of development.

It should be noted that the founders and directors of the Oil Refining Company are all men, and they have chosen male successors in the management of the company.

But some companies keep female CEOs, like YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki (Susan Wojcicki). Except for Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Meta Corporation.

It doesn't look like Mark Zuckerberg has any plans to step down as CEO and founder of Meta anytime soon. This also applies to CEOs at Nvidia and Tencent.

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