Tik Tok accused of violating the GPL by Live Studio
Tik Tok accused of violating the GPL by Live Studio

Live Studio is TikTok's new live streaming app for Windows, must use free OBS Studio live streaming software code.

If done correctly, this is usually not a problem because OBS Studio is open source. However, it appears that TikTok did not meet the licensing requirements of OBS Studio.

After users posted screenshots that appeared to be a Live Studio icon, the situation was leaked via Twitter.

The programmer who originally took the screenshot claimed that the app is an illegal subcopy of OBS Studio. He also claimed that TikTok used OBS Studio and then developed its own user interface.

As another user pointed out, if the Chinese platform uses OBS Studio code, the platform must make the source code publicly available under version 2 of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

If the Chinese platform does not do so, OBS Studio can take legal action against the platform.

Ben Turrell, director of business development at OBS Studio, confirmed that his team found clear evidence of these violations. However, he indicated that OBS Studio is ready to work with Tik Tok.

“We are obligated to deal with GPL violations in good faith. For TikTok, we are happy to build a friendly working relationship with them as long as they adhere to the license,” he explains.

Tik Tok Live Studio app violates OBS license policy

Trump's media and technology group TMTG got into trouble in October for similar reasons. After using the open source mastodon to build a website, he failed to make the source code of Donald Trump's upcoming Truth social network available to the public.

A few days ago, TikTok started testing Live Studio with a small group of users. In its current state, it appears to be an abstract streaming software that enables users to stream live broadcasts via cameras, mobile phones, games, or software.

Last month, OBS Studio had an argument with Streamlabs. OBS Studio has acknowledged that it has not granted Streamlabs a license to use the OBS Studio name in its Streamlabs OBS software. But the company took advantage of that.

After popular viewers threatened to stop using Streamlabs OBS due to this situation, the company agreed to remove OBS from the show's title.

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