Tik Tok embarrassed the US army
Tik Tok embarrassed the US army

After recruits were caught using TikTok to find potential recruits for young Americans, Senator Marco Rubio put pressure on the U.S. military despite an explicit order formally preventing government agencies from using it.

This approach highlights the growing challenge that recruiters face in attracting young Americans who don't care whether their favorite apps are made in China or controlled by China.

Rubio sent a letter to US Secretary of the Army Christine Warmes. This message comes on the heels of a recent report describing how recruiters are trying to reach young people online.

The report details the number of recruits who ignored the military ban on TikTok. They often use personal devices to create videos and reach out to younger users to find potential clients.

Some recruits, such as New Jersey Army National Guard Sergeant Georgia Varocha, post content to their nearly 500,000 subscribers on the platform.

In the letter, Rubio urged Worms to take more action. He noted that using the app may pose a threat due to alleged links to the Chinese Communist Party.

Rubio writes that the Chinese Communist Party can use biometric and other personal data to track, monitor, and collect information on Americans around the world. From a military perspective, it can track the armed forces, build a network of resources, or compile biographies of military personnel in order to collect, use, and manipulate information.

Despite the platform's ban, soldiers still use TikTok

Rubio also asked Worms to clarify how many Army recruits use their personal devices for recruiting purposes and whether the Army has any arrangements to ensure that soldiers do not download TikTok or use it as a job.

At the end of December 2019, the military prevented government authorities from using the platform for the first time. However, recruiters continue to use the app.

According to Army policy, conscripts may only exercise official functions through government agencies. Therefore, they should not currently use TikTok for recruitment purposes, whether through government or personal devices.

Rubio also referred to novels such as Georgia Varosha. He wrote: I urge you to take decisive action to end this practice immediately.

An army spokesman said: "We do not comment on communications between members of Congress and the Secretary of the Army." Secretary Fomis responded appropriately to Senator Rubio.

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