Toshiba Fire 4K TV outperforms Amazon TV
Toshiba Fire 4K TV outperforms Amazon TV

Toshiba, one of Amazon's Fire TV partners, has announced the launch of a new model of the M550KU LED 4K UHD smart TV that may outperform the branded TV introduced by the e-commerce giant a few years ago.

Toshiba launched the first Fire 4K TV with local dimming. Compared to cheaper hardware and the direct LED method used in Amazon's new Fire TV Omni series, this backlight technology can create higher contrast and darkness.

According to Toshiba, the new M-Class has up to 48 dimming zones. The TV has three sizes 55, 65 and 75 inches.

Provided the 48 dimming zones fit the larger model, it is therefore not competitive with Vizio or TCL's high-end devices that have more dimming zones in their backlighting system. However, the overall image quality still needs significant improvement.

While the larger Omni-Suite includes features like Dolby Vision, Amazon has not yet built a complete local dimming system into the device.

The TV has the REGZA Engine 4K, which supports Ultra Essential PQ technology, which Toshiba says can automatically optimize images and colors.

In addition, there is Dolby Vision HDR and 480 motion frequency, which results in smoother and higher recording. Also includes an automatic low latency mode.

On the audio side, we find DTS Virtual: X and Dolby Atmos Surround Sound. Local dimming allows the backlighting to be dimmed and lit in different areas of the screen depending on the content.

As a result, a dark scene should look like this and nothing looks gray.

Toshiba Fire TV has a local dimming function

Toshiba's new M-Series Fire TV also features a 120Hz refresh rate screen, which means it supports the smoother Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One games.

TVs are priced at $800 (55-inch), $1,000 (65-inch), or $1,200 (75-inch) this month.

Toshiba's Omni series devices share a built-in microphone for Alexa hands-free voice commands.

Compared to Amazon's Omni series, you have to pay more for local dimming. For example, two 65-inch Omni TVs usually sell for $830.

However, these improvements are useful for TVs with built-in Amazon software. And it released more local dimming kits (maybe even mini-LED). Roku and Google TV devices may be competing with each other.

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