Toyota cancels the remote start function in the key
Toyota cancels the remote start function in the key

Toyota owners who want to remote start their cars will have to pay because the automaker removes the remote start button from their physical keychain.

The automaker said that this feature will not be present in the physical car key with the transition to digital services and subscription methods.

For vehicles equipped with the remote start function from 2018 to 2020, the function is valid for three years during the testing phase.

Although the owner's keychain includes a button to start the car remotely. But after these three years, the work will stop.

To restore the remote start functionality, the owner must purchase a remote connection from a group of branded communication services.

Pricing: $80 per year or $8 per month, which also includes many other digital features available through the Toyota smartphone app.

No new Toyota vehicle offers a remote start function via the ignition switch. “As we move to more digital experiences in our apps, remote activation via owner keys is not a feature we are actively marketing,” the company said.

Toyota Connected Services still offer this job at a high price

With certain models in 2020 or later, an owner can take advantage of a 10-year testing phase for network-connected services.

In other words, homeowners can use the remote start functionality without cash as they can use it for free for over ten years. However, after the free job expires, the job must subscribe to the dial-up service.

Like many other companies, Toyota relies on service to provide a more stable source of income from sales. This change determines the direction of the company's strategy.

However, this is a controversial decision at a time when automakers continue to seek sources of income through subscriptions. However, Toyota said, "We often incorporate customer feedback to ensure we offer useful features." These features enhance the exclusive customer experience.

This decision may not appeal to anyone who likes the simplicity of physical keys or to owners who plan to keep their cars for a long time. And you may have to pay extra to keep your vehicle running for most of its life cycle.

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