Twitter calls for Trump's ban lawsuit to be dismissed
Twitter calls for Trump's ban lawsuit to be dismissed

Twitter urged a federal judge to dismiss Donald Trump's lawsuit against him for being ejected from the podium over rioting on Capitol Hill, saying the company's right to free speech is at stake, not the former president's.

The company said in federal court in San Francisco that Twitter's rights are at risk in the case because the editorial decision Trump challenged affected matters of public interest, including threats to the company's peaceful transfer. .

The company added that Trump agreed to abide by his rules, but before, during and after the Capitol Hill attack, he repeatedly violated those rules by tweeting to encourage more violent behavior.

She noted that Trump's right to free speech also ignores the fact that Twitter is a private actor not bound by the federal constitution. The government cannot compel the private operators of Internet platforms such as Twitter to publish rejection letters from the operators.

Trump is fighting bans or bans on Twitter, Google and Facebook, accusing the tech giants of suppressing conservative views and violating his right to free speech.

As a member of a new media company providing entertainment and news, it is continuing its plans to launch a competitive social media platform.

The attorney who led Trump's lawsuit against these companies argued that Twitter was legitimate as a state actor because a 1996 law gave Internet companies far-reaching legal immunity to alter user-generated content.

He said there is a lot of support for this exemption so Twitter, like the government, can comply with the First Amendment.

Twitter says Trump misunderstood freedom of expression

The Biden administration intervened in this matter. The US Department of Justice stated in a court document that Section 230 of the Telecommunications Regulatory Act of 1996 does not regulate speeches by former presidents and other government officials.

The law establishes rules that are neutral in terms of content and presentation and prohibits liability for certain actions by interactive computer service providers. The Justice Department said its intervention was for a limited purpose: the defense of Article 230.

Section 230 has become a target for conservatives, who say it enables tech companies to oversee voting for the swearing in. Trump found the oath unconstitutional.

The Twitter profile describes Trump's actions that led to the ban. This includes posting incorrect election information on Twitter and posting tweets that violate our citizens' integrity policies repeatedly after an election.

The platform was first described as deceptive and was abandoned days before the attack on the Capitol. But she said that when he didn't stop, she took a tougher stance and closed her account.

While Trump, who returned to the White House in 2024, continues to falsely claim that the election was stolen. The company said that preventing him from making such a decision would nullify the basic principles of the constitution.

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