Twitter is testing a video source cloned from Tik Tok
Twitter is testing a video source cloned from Tik Tok

Twitter confirmed that it is testing a feature that will turn the app's discovery page into a TikTok-like video source and integrate it into the For You tab.

This feature is being tested in some countries/regions with Android and iOS users using English language apps.

Check the "Discover" tab, if it looks different, you are in the last test. A new exploration experience that lets you discover the most popular content. In some countries, it is available for some people who use the English version of Twitter on Android and iOS.

"We're testing an improved and more personalized discovery page to make it easier to find new interests and understand what's going on," a company spokesperson said.

The company said it is an advanced visual way to browse content on the platform. It's part of Twitter's ongoing effort to improve personalized recommendations and experiences on the platform.

Twitter is the latest social media platform trying to capitalize on Tik Tok's rapid growth.

This year, the number of monthly active users of short video applications exceeded one billion. This makes it one of the fastest apps to do the feat.

Cloned TikTok features such as Instagram's Reels, Snapchats Spotlight, and YouTubes Pants are motivating content creators to use these platforms, and their popularity has increased. It can also test the format settings for apps like Netflix, Spotify, and Reddit.

Twitter continues to introduce new products and features such as Spaces, Twitter Blue, and Tip Jar this year.

After co-founder Jack Dorsey stepped down last week, Paraj Agrawal has taken over as CEO and this momentum is expected to continue.

Agrawal began reorganizing the company to support the ambitious goals he posted on Twitter when he took office.

Twitter is testing the source of the video on the "Explore" page

Spaces, the live audio producer, is now the default icon in the center navigation at the bottom of the app. This shows that the company is committed to promoting the club's cloning.

But fake Twitter features don't always work. The company dropped Fleets Story, a copy of Snapchat, eight months after its launch.

Just because a video source platform is tested doesn't mean it can be a way to discover content. But people find the short videos very attractive.

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