Twitter loses CEO in restructuring
Twitter loses CEO in restructuring

Twitter's new CEO is restructuring the company and two of its top executives have been laid off.

A regulatory document stated that Twitter is restructuring its core consumer, revenue and technology divisions, which are run by individual executives, with the goal of improving accountability, speed, and operational efficiency.

Kavon Bikbor, Bruce Falk and Nick Caldwell lead these three teams. These General Managers lead all core engineering, product management, design and research teams.

Lindsey Iannucci has also joined the leadership team as Chief of Staff and Vice President of Operations to help Agrawal strengthen the overall leadership team and company operations.

As part of the transition, the company's technical director, Michael Montano, and director of research and design, Dantley Davis, will leave the company at the end of the year.

Montano joined the company in 2011. Davis joined in 2019. Montano will continue to serve as a management consultant until the end of the first quarter of 2022 to ensure an orderly transition. Davis will also serve as an advisor until the end of the first quarter of 2022 to help ensure an orderly transition.

Danter described Davis as the first black manager to report to the CEO since the platform became public.

According to the New York Times, Davis joined the company in 2019 in an effort to fundamentally change the company's culture to weather the economic downturn.

According to reports, some employees found the changes he made unwelcome and said they were not accustomed to criticizing themselves.

Twitter's new CEO begins reorganizing

This change is the company's second big change this week. After company founder Jack Dorsey announced his resignation, CTO Parag Agrawal took over as CEO.

Parag Agrawal joined the company in 2011 as an engineer.

A company spokesman said the reorganization should speed up the decision-making process. Agrawal focuses on operational excellence and prepares Twitter to achieve its goals. With this in mind, these changes have been made.

For teams working in product organizations and technical organizations, we're turning to the CEO model. We have one person responsible for supporting one of our main business objectives. This allows us to be more intrusive and make faster and more informed decisions.

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