WhatsApp lets you make all chats disappear by default
WhatsApp lets you make all chats disappear by default

WhatsApp users can now easily choose whether they want to hide the new messages they send or receive as the world's largest instant messaging service is adding what executives believe is the next standard for data protection.

The Facebook-owned services are used by more than 2 billion users worldwide and have an option that allows users to enable temporary messages by default for all new chats.

Before the latest new update, the user must manually enable temporary messages for each new conversation with another person.

In addition to the seven-day period that this functionality first introduced last year, WhatsApp also provides users with the option to hide messages after 24 hours and 90 days.

“Episal messages give you space for more open and honest conversations,” said Zephyr Khan, Head of Consumer Goods at WhatsApp.

"By default, you can set temporary messages to all new messages to help users avoid embarrassing themselves with friends," he added. He pointed out that the company listened to the opinions of users in the development of these new options.

If a member participating in the conversation activates the temporary messages option, the message will disappear after a certain period of time. The platform also provides this option for all group messages. The platform offers this option when creating the group itself.

As the company expands, personalized news seems to be the company's main concern.

WhatsApp introduces new features

“Privacy has always been at the heart of WhatsApp,” the company said. “We introduced end-to-end encryption and made it the standard long before it became the email standard.

"We treat personalized messaging as a new standard for emerging messaging," CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post: "Not all information should be kept forever. "

But the way the news goes is not foolproof. Users can bypass the time-out agreement at any time by forwarding messages or screenshots

Khan emphasized that this is not a technical problem. He said, if the person you are sending the letter to does not want to meet your requirements, you have no choice but not to contact him.

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