WhatsApp lets you preview voicemail messages before sending them
WhatsApp lets you preview voicemail messages before sending them

Sending voice memos is usually easier than sending written messages via WhatsApp. The voice message will be sent automatically after recording. This can lead to embarrassing errors and you will have to submit the recording again.

For this reason, WhatsApp has released a voicemail preview feature that will allow you to review the message and avoid errors before sending it to the recipient.

The platform says: You can now preview your WhatsApp voicemail message before sending it. This feature is ideal when you want to transfer information.

Meta's email service says the feature has been slowly rolling out over the past few weeks and is now available on all platforms including iOS, Android, web and desktop.

According to the help page for this feature, the option to preview the voice message will be displayed after pressing the stop button to stop the recording.

You can then use the play icon to preview it, delete it with the trash icon, or use the send button to send it.

Voice Preview is one of a number of new updates that have been released or are in development for the WhatsApp Voicemail feature.

Earlier this year, the service added the ability to adjust how quickly audio notes play while listening. This is an ideal feature for quick access to long messages and mobile messages.

Part of the WhatsApp Voicemail Upgrade List

WABetaInfo reports that it is also possible to stop recording voice messages and continue recording.

But there could be more interesting posts. The platform confirmed in September that it is in the early stages of developing a new audio transcription feature that will one day allow you to read the text of an audio message instead of listening to it.

Then, in October, WABetaInfo reported that it had also found evidence of a universal voicemail reader feature that would allow users to listen to voice memos while browsing other WhatsApp chats.

There is currently no word on when the platform will introduce these new voicemail features. But the ability to preview voice notes before sending them is a promising place to start.

Since its introduction in 2013, voicemail has become one of the most popular features of the platform worldwide.

The platform said: 'Voicemails can bring friends and family closer together more than text messages.' Unlike a call, you can send and listen to messages as you wish.

This is also the easiest and fastest way to send a message when you need to convey feelings or when time is short, she added. Or you can do other chores such as carrying a baby or shopping for groceries.

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