Windows 11 can easily change the default browser
Windows 11 can easily change the default browser

Microsoft is rolling back the changes made through Windows 11, and these changes make it difficult to change the default browser.

The new Windows Test Framework now allows Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and other browser users to set the default browser with a button, a simpler process.

EarTrumpet app developer Rafael Rivera discovered the new changes in Windows 11 earlier this week.

Windows 11 no longer has to change individual file extensions or handle HTTP, HTTPS, HTML and HTM protocols, but instead provides a simple button that users can use to switch the default browser in the same way as Windows 10.

Microsoft confirms that these changes are by design and are currently being tested. We've made it easier to set the default browser for Windows Insiders posted on the Dev channel in Windows 11 Preview #22509, said Aaron Woodman, Vice President of Windows Marketing.

"Thanks to Windows Insider, you'll continue to see us try new things based on customer feedback and testing."

Microsoft initially defended its decision to make the transition to default settings more difficult and said earlier this year that it would implement customer feedback to adjust and control default settings at a more granular level.

Competing browser manufacturers are not satisfied with these changes. Microsoft's approach to virtualization has all been criticized by Mozilla, Google, and Brave.

Although Windows 11 currently provides a prompt when installing a competing browser, it is triggered when you click a link outside the browser, try to open an HTML document, or access browser logs and files.

The Command Prompt allows you to open the file or link in another browser with a checkbox to always use the program. If you forgot to check the box, you will need to check the Windows Settings app and configure a number of options manually.

Microsoft will roll back browser changes in Windows 11

Microsoft is constantly testing new Windows modifications to make it easier to switch between standard apps and browsers. However, it is not known when it will be available to all users.

It is expected to be released to the market with a major update for Windows within the next year. But Microsoft has not announced a release date.

However, it is encouraging that Microsoft has listened to the ratings and comments about the changes in Windows 11.

The change came when people were upset with the new "Buy Now, Pay Later" tool built into Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft worked hard to prevent people from downloading Google Chrome.

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