Windows 11 has some useful improvements
Windows 11 has some useful improvements

Compared to Windows 10, the Windows 11 taskbar is less user-friendly and now Microsoft is starting to make improvements.

Windows Insiders are currently testing a new update that will return the clock and date to the system tray on secondary or multiple monitors.

For many screen users, this is a useful change as many users need to install third party apps like ElevenClock to get this basic functionality in Windows 11.

Many users have criticized the changes made to the system tray in Windows 11. Therefore, it is useful for Microsoft to make these changes. But there is still much room for improvement.

Hopefully, the company can restore the ability to drag and drop files into the system tray app and general customization options.

Elsewhere, Microsoft is also making some improvements to the Start menu. The latest beta version of 22509 includes configuring the start menu to show more pins or recommended features.

This makes the start menu more customizable. Although many OS users also opt for third-party applications here.

The latest beta version of Windows 11 also includes other improvements to the Settings app. This is part of the company's ongoing effort to bring more dashboard metrics to its flagship metrics app.

Microsoft Windows Insider Amanda Langosky explained that we've moved advanced sharing settings (such as network discovery, file and printer sharing, and public folder sharing) to a new page in the Settings app under Advanced network settings. "

Windows 11 Repairs Basic Start Menu Functions

There are also page optimizations in the Printers and Scanners sections. Parts of the Control Panel now direct users to the main configuration application. It looks like Microsoft is getting close to removing the Control Panel to support modern Settings apps.

However, not all of these features will be available in a few months. This is already part of the Windows 11 Update development channel journey.

Some of them may appear as cumulative updates in the monthly changes that Microsoft makes to the entire operating system. Others may be included in a larger annual update that Microsoft plans to release.

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