Amazon wants to remove the sidewalks of the community
Amazon wants to remove the sidewalks of the community

Amazon has launched the Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro, powered by Ring, a new professional bridge suitable for businesses, municipalities, universities and facilities.

Since the creation of Sidewalk, Amazon's residential network has grown rapidly, helping customer devices perform better indoors, in the backyard, and in the neighborhood.

But the benefits of sidewalks can be expanded even further, which is why the company announced the introduction of the professional version of the Amazon Sidewalk Bridge.

The bridge is designed to extend the coverage of long-range, low-bandwidth wireless networks to public places where many Ring and Echo devices aren't likely to show up.

The long-term vision of the Sidewalk Network is to advance the popularization of intelligent and connected objects. Connectivity is the biggest challenge for devices today.

Amazon said cellular connections are expensive, and wireless coverage and LoRaWAN protocols are limited. To help the entire ecosystem, an open network like Sidewalk is needed everywhere.

To extend the benefits of sidewalk expansion beyond residential areas, Amazon has started a pilot program in partnership with Arizona State University and Thingy.

The university is using the bridge in its smart city research. Air quality monitoring maker Thingy uses the bridge to connect air quality systems in wilderness areas.

Since its commissioning in June 2021, the sidewalk network has achieved a solid supply of housing in more than 100 large metropolitan areas. Its main goal is to expand the connectivity of smart home devices.

Amazon's Sidewalk Bridge Pro provides professional connectivity

Because outdoor smart home products like lighting, motion detectors, and garage door controls may not be able to maintain a connection to your home wireless network. Network docks can extend the low bandwidth of these devices.

Most Echo smart speakers and some ring cameras around the house act as corridor bridges, allowing them to use a little bit of each device's bandwidth to power their network.

The more berths a neighbor has, the stronger the network. Echo device users can turn Sidewalk on or off at any time when setting up their speakers.

Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro can expand community connections using fewer devices.

The devices are durable and weatherproof. It should be used by companies and municipalities and used abroad.

The Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro has a range of 8 km. It should be connected via WiFi or Ethernet (PoE), possibly over a cellular network. Requires electrical connection but has a built in battery backup.

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