BMW has a huge 31-inch car screen
BMW has a huge 31-inch car screen

At this year's CES, BMW introduced a new technology for cars called the theater screen, which could serve as a window into the future of rear-seat entertainment systems.

It is unknown when or if this large 31-inch screen with a 32:9 aspect ratio will be available to consumers.

But the company says it could somehow be placed on the roof of a luxury car so that it could be pulled out to turn the rear seats into a private theater.

The screen resolution itself is 8K, which is about 8000 x 2000 pixels. It can play content in 16:9, 21:9 or 32:9 format.

Movie screens have the features you'd normally expect from a smart TV and take advantage of the services included with Amazon Fire TV.

In this way, rear seat passengers can enjoy their favorite music and movies via live broadcast anytime and anywhere.

It is also suitable for touch screens. In addition, a small touchpad is integrated into the tailgate of the car.

Cinema Mode provides surround sound with more than 30 Bowers & Wilkins speaker systems. The company describes sound in four dimensions.

The sound system includes speakers built into the rear seats themselves so the audience can feel the acoustic vibrations.

When the screen is lowered from the ceiling, the side and rear window shutters are closed. Weak ambient light behind the car.

BMW wants to entertain rear seat passengers

BMW has built an in-car cinema screen prototype at its CES showroom. The company tried to hide the exact model of the car in which the system was installed. She did not answer questions about her identity. However, it appears to be part of the company's luxury 7 series.

The company did not reveal when the system will be available to customers or how much it will cost. But during the company's demo at CES, the company's exhibitors said these features are very similar to those that will be released in the production line.

This suggests movie screens may appear before the company's large-scale technology announcement at CES is an e-ink color-changing car, which the company calls an advanced research and design project.

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