Norton under fire for mining cryptocurrency
Norton under fire for mining cryptocurrency

NortonLifeLock has been criticized for integrating encryption mining software into its Norton 360 security software.

Activists alleged that the company secretly installed crypto-mining software on computers and collected commissions on profits. Users have also expressed frustration with trying to uninstall it.

Although these claims appear to be true. But it is overrated. Last summer, Norton publicly announced the addition of cryptocurrency mining software to the Norton 360 security suite, making it a safer alternative to installing complex, unlicensed mining software from the Internet.

The software was initially only available to a limited number of users. But now it appears to be available to anyone who installs the software. In the six months since it was announced, not much has been said about the plan until this week.

Some Twitter users have accused the company of installing mining software on users' computers without warning. Norton 360 has Norton Crypto mining software in the program folder.

However, this does not mean that Norton will automatically use your device as some think. The company's FAQ stated that it would not belong to me without permission. If you meet the system requirements, you will also need to run Norton Crypto on your device.

As a result, the company installed a mining program in its application without being detected during the initial installation process. However, unless you are using a mining software, there is nothing you can do.

Norton Internet Security has been criticized by critics

A company spokesperson said that you can remove Norton Encryption completely by temporarily turning off Norton Tamper Resistance and then deleting the executable file.

He added: This feature requires special hardware in the device and user consent in order to work. We are transparent about the performance of our software on a user's device and have no intention of changing it.

Although the service can be activated. But it is really hard to find work. After installing the program, a large green banner will appear at the top of the control panel that says "Money from your computer's idle time."

When you click the Demonstrate How button, you'll see information about the feature, with a large Accept and Start button and small text telling you that the feature you're enabling is Norton Crypto.

After starting Norton Crypto, a wallet will be set up for you and you will start mining Ethereum using your computer's GPU. The system requirements state that you need an Nvidia or AMD card with at least 6GB of RAM. Each win is paid regularly into the wallet that has been set up for you. Once the minimum is reached, you can withdraw your winnings on Coinbase.

The company is encouraged to allow the use of this feature. Norton receives 15% of users' total revenue from mining.

Norton Crypto's terms of service state that it operates a mining pool that combines the computing power of everyone to increase mining opportunities. In this case, everyone who contributes to the account will receive a bonus.

Although this feature may not be particularly inexpensive for individual use. But when too many people try, Norton's total commission can be huge.

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