Amazon eero Beacon mesh WiFi range extender
Amazon eero Beacon mesh WiFi range extender

Compact and powerful, the eero Beacon is half the size of an eero but features the same advanced Wi-Fi technology. Just plug it into an outlet to add 1,500 square feet of coverage. You can also add as many eero tags as you like. If there is a port, then there is WiFi. The eero Beacon is also equipped with an LED night light. With an ambient light sensor and auto dimmer, it intelligently adjusts the brightness according to the time of day. You also have the option to set your own brightness schedule using the eero app.

Support for Apple HomeKit-enabled routers

With Apple HomeKit, eero provides more protection for HomeKit accessories and an easy way to manage what it connects at home and online.

Simplified setup

The application guides you through installation and placement. eero will automatically connect to create a wireless network.

global security

eero adheres to the highest standards of network security by issuing one-time passwords to access eero applications and only allowing WPA2-enabled devices on your network to be used.

Quality Wi-Fi Entertainment

Broadcast, play, work and play in every corner of your home and garden. Ero does not sweat.

Internet boycott

With just a few clicks, profiles can be created to set schedules and pause the internet on your child's device.

  • eero Home WiFi Extender - Add Amazon eero signals to any existing eero network to instantly increase WiFi coverage throughout your home. Simply connect the eero beacon to any power outlet and follow the steps in the eero app.
  • The eero beacon wall plug-in is designed to extend your existing electronic network WiFi system, the eero beacon simply plugs into any port. Perfect for kitchens, hallways and bedrooms. With built-in night lighting, eero Beacons automatically adjust to the brightness of any room, providing just a glimpse of light.
  • Premium WiFi - Unlike traditional wireless routers and access points, eero is automatically updated overnight so you always have the latest security features.
  • Mesh Network - Powered by proprietary TrueMesh technology, the eero WiFi system uses multiple access points to create a mesh network that delivers ultra-reliable internet to your home, all on one system.
  • eero network required - eero Beacon requires an existing eero network. You can add as many eero signals as you like to increase coverage around your home.
  • connection technology - integrated Wi-Fi; WiFi ready
  • Packaging May Vary Your product may arrive in different packages due to supply chain constraints.

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