AUTOPHIX 7610 Elite Full Systems Diagnostic Scan Tool
AUTOPHIX 7610 Elite Full Systems Diagnostic Scan Tool

AUTOPHIX 7610 Elite Full System Diagnostic Check Tool for Volkswagen Audi Skoda Seat Full Function OBD2 Scanner Code Reader Battery Register Tool for All VAG After 1996 [2022 Version]

Why order a Volkswagen Autofix Scanner 7610 for full system diagnostics?

  • 1- Full OBDII functions: Read trouble codes, clear trouble codes, read data streams, vehicle information, EVAP test
  • 2. AP7610 basic functions: read error codes, clear error codes, read data streams, version information
  • 3. Reset oil light: Reset the oil life system every time the oil and oil filter are changed;
  • 4-Injector: When installing a new injector or after the replacement is completed, replace the new injector number code with the old injector number;
  • 5. Reset the electronic parking brake: shut down and start the brake control system, auxiliary brake fluid control, open and close the brake pad, etc.
  • 6. Steering angle calibration: Calibrate the steering angle sensor and clear the history.
  • 7- Battery record / battery maintenance: battery charge level assessment, quiescent current monitoring, battery replacement recording, etc.;
  • 8. ABS air bleed: If there is air in the ABS system, the ABS Air Bleed function must be performed to bleed the brake system and restore the ABS brake sensitivity.
  • 9. Electronic throttle position reset/learn: configure the throttle actuator to reset the “earned” value stored in the ECU to the default state;
  • 10. TPMS reset: The tire pressure must be reset after maintenance.
  • 11. Diesel particulate filter (DPF) modification and regeneration: the removal of particulates (particles) in the diesel particulate filter through continuous combustion and oxidation to stabilize the filtration performance;
  • 12. ACSM ECU/Airbag ECU Reset, ECU Reset, TPMS RDC, Fuel Pump Reset, Transmission System Function/ESP System Function/Immobilizer Function, etc.

Post any systems you plan to use

1- Engine system: The engine unit that drives the vehicle and is its heart. Determines the performance, economy and stability of the vehicle. Unlike other brands of scanners that only work on 2005 and newer cars, the 7610 OBD2 scanner supports OBD2 cars from 1996 to present and can support 2.6 modes of OBDII function and battery voltage. Easily identify car problems and turn off engine lights. Help pass the emission test and keep your car in perfect condition. Save gas and improve performance.

3- Automatic Transmission System: AT is a series of transmissions that coordinate engine speed and actual wheel speed to ensure complete operation for optimum engine performance. The 7610 OBD2 Scanner can read/scan AT trouble codes and messages.

4- Airbag system: An SRS is a device that deploys airbags to protect occupants from a secondary impact, called an Supplemental Restriction System (SRS). The 7610 OBD2 Scanner can read/scan the code and turn off the airbag warning light.

6. Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration: Remove fine particulates (particles) in the diesel particulate filter through continuous combustion and oxidation to stabilize filter performance.

7. Reset Tire Pressure Monitoring System: It is useful to display the vehicle ECU sensor ID, enter the replacement TPMS sensor ID and test the sensor.

8. Battery saving and battery maintenance: Pair the controller and motor sensor again to detect the battery more accurately, clear the original low battery information and prevent the paired controller from detecting the wrong information.

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