Bonsenkitchen Electric Pour-over Kettle For Coffee and Tea
Bonsenkitchen Electric Pour-over Kettle For Coffee and Tea


Bonsenkitchen Coffee Tea Kettle Matte Black Anti Dry Scald Variable Temperature Control Buttons Quick Heating Control 1300W

Power button and precise temperature control

Glass screen design, button operation and temperature can be adjusted freely (temperature up and down 5 degrees, up and down 90-95 degrees 1 degree). By rotating the dial, you can select the desired temperature from 135°F to 212°F.

BPA Free Automatic Food Seal

The Bonsenkitchen Kitchen Kettle is made of 304 stainless steel with a Teflon coating on the outside to automatically keep warm for hours. The interior ensures no BPA or other silicone/plastic containing elements. No rust problem, durable.

Reliable protection against dryness

As soon as the water reaches the desired temperature, the boiler automatically turns off. The combination of automatic temperature shutdown and dry sear protection promotes safe operation of the boiler with variable temperature control.

Strong grip and precise spout

The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip for consistent, precise and even pouring. Simple Aesthetics and Rugged Design - Finally a kettle from Bonsenkitchen that pours as it looks.

Fast heat up time 1300W

Bonsenkitchen 1300W Kettle Rapid Heating Element speeds up brewing time by heating the water faster than leading boilers. Excellent quality ensures longevity of the product.

Possibility to wait 60 minutes

When the switch on the back is turned to standby, the Bonsenkitchen kettle will maintain the desired temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius for 60 minutes. If the switch is not in standby mode, the boiler will switch to standby mode after reaching the set temperature.

Bonsenkitchen Electric Pour-over Kettle For Coffee and Tea
Bonsenkitchen Electric Pour-over Kettle For Coffee and Tea

  •  【Slow & Stable Flow】The finely curved gooseneck spout limits flow and allows you to pour with greater precision. The balance knob allows fine tuning of different throwing techniques and longer throwing time.
  • 【Accurate and responsive heating】The variable temperature control kettle sets the desired temperature. It only takes 4 minutes for the water to heat up, which is the ideal fermentation temperature. When you reach the setting, the kettle will keep the desired temperature stable for 60 minutes.
  • 【Operation Buttons and Glass Screen Design】 Read the real-time water temperature and target temperature that you set on the hidden LED panel at the base of the kettle.
  • 【100% Stainless Steel Interior Design】The interior of the Bonsenkitchen Kitchen Kettle is made of 304 grade stainless steel, ensuring that it does not contain BPA or silicone/plastic.
  • [Anti-dry-burn function] The combination of automatic shutdown at the set temperature and protection against dry-burning supports the safe operation of variable temperature control boilers.

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