CAFELE Portable High Power Handheld Car Vacuum
CAFELE Portable High Power Handheld Car Vacuum

CAFELE Car Vacuum Cleaner, [Portable & Powerful] 6000PA / 65W / 5V Portable Vacuum Cleaner, Rechargeable Car Vacuum Cleaner with LED Light, HEPA Filter and Nozzle for Car Interior / Home / Office / Pet Hair Detailing

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Since it is attached to the long, flat brush, you can freely remove dust hidden in corners or delicate surfaces.

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The long, flat brush is very soft, so you can easily clean up from a detailed viewpoint and get a comfortable reading without dust affecting your mood and focus.

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Are you so busy at work that you don't have time to groom your pet?

This cordless vacuum cleaner from Cavell is sure to come in handy around the house. You can flip it over to remove pet hair anywhere.

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Do you find it difficult to clean up children's waste?

This small household vacuum cleaner does tough homework for parents and provides two levels of suction for your cleaning needs.

CAFELE Portable High Power Handheld Car Vacuum
CAFELE Portable High Power Handheld Car Vacuum

  •     🚘 [Powerful Suction]: The Cavell Vacuum Cleaner stands out in the market thanks to its powerful suction. Once you turn the device on, you can really feel its suction power as it rises in your hand and then handles manipulations very well!
  •     🚘 [Portable and Portable]: If you want to move freely in your car without restrictions, use a small cordless mini vacuum cleaner. Designed to make car cleaning simpler and easier, these portable sweepers last longer and are easy to use on the go.
  •     🚘 [Vehicle Cleaning Details]: Thanks to its effective set of tools including brushes and extension sticks, the car vacuum cleaner perfectly cleans hard-to-reach places, upholstered corners and seats, and is very convenient for vacuuming, deposits, pet hair and other debris from the car .
  •     🚘 【Ease of use】: After several generations of updates, this car vacuum cleaner now has user-friendly features such as easy disassembly and cleaning. The machine features excellent dirt removal capabilities for easy cleaning and a HEPA filtration system that ensures that you do not inhale the dirt and dust you want to clean.
  •     🚘 [Sufficient battery life]: Powered via USB cable. Therefore, a full charge takes about 4 hours and can work for 30 minutes, which is very labor-saving and convenient to use, which is enough to do car, home and office cleaning work. The suction is still strong since I first turned on the vacuum cleaner. 【3 Years Warranty】

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