Hongmed Q15Pro Waterproof Activity Tracker Smart Watch
Hongmed Q15Pro Waterproof Activity Tracker Smart Watch

Smart Watch, Hongmed 1.69 inch (43mm) Fitness Watch with Body Temperature and Oxygen Pressure Monitoring for Android Phones and iPhone, Waterproof Activity Tracker for Men and Women, Black

breathing training

This smartwatch provides guided breathing exercises to help you focus and relax. Take a deep breath, relax and let it go. Also, it can monitor your stress.


This smart watch with LED light can illuminate you in the dark. It is a very useful tool in your daily life.

weather forecast

Weather forecast for today and the next three days.


This smartwatch comes with a calculator so you can easily see your digital calculations.

the awakening

You can set 8 alarms on the watch and sync your phone schedule so you never forget or miss an important moment.


This portable stopwatch is ready to meet your timing needs

smart watch with timer

The timer supports 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and you can set the timer to any length, which can be used for studying, cooking, sports, etc.

continuous calling

The activity tracker reminds you to take breaks when you have been working continuously for an extended period of time. You are free to choose the number of reminders. It can help you reduce fatigue and increase productivity.

This smart watch also supports drinking water reminders and period reminders for women

Take turns for the health of your family

Keep Health lets you create a set of family accounts so your kids and parents can manage their time and track their health. You can easily monitor their daily data, such as daily activity, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep, temperature, etc., protecting your family's health at all times.

Hongmed Q15Pro Waterproof Activity Tracker Smart Watch
Hongmed Q15Pro Waterproof Activity Tracker Smart Watch

  •     【1.69 inch HD touch screen, customized watch face】 1.69 inch HD square screen, 6-level adjustable brightness, even in direct sunlight, the color details are accurately displayed, so you can read clearly. There are many different watch face styles in the Keep Health app and you are also free to choose the watch according to your mood and daily outfit.
  •     【Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Clock For Men & Women With Accurate Heart Rate & Temperature Sensor】 This smart watch supports 24/7 monitoring of body temperature, body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen, and automatically tracks sleep Every night. It is convenient for you to keep healthy and live a healthy life.
  •     [The fitness watch is compatible with Android phones and iPhone, the name of the call and message notification app is Keep Health, and it is compatible with iOS 9.0 and above and Android 4.4 and above. After the watch has been successfully paired with the mobile phone, the bracelet has a reminder function for incoming calls, including Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Instagram, LinkedIn, VK, etc., so you will not miss any important information. .
  •     【Monitor fitness tracker, pay more attention to your health】 It can easily set reminders for sedentary water and drinking water, helping to maintain a healthy working and living condition. The practice of free breathing can effectively relieve stress and relax your body and mind. Scientific analysis of sleep monitoring can help improve your sleep habits. Users can better protect themselves by setting a reminder for female period, ovulation and pregnancy.
  •     【IP67 Water Resistant Fitness Watch】 Support Multiple Sports Modes This smart watch supports 25 sports modes. IP67 waterproof design supports daily hand washing, swimming, surfing and other waterproofing, but it is not recommended to wear it when diving, sauna or hot bath. This affordable smartwatch can be a great gift for friends and family, helping them to stay active and healthy.

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