Inborntrait 12v Powerful Lightweight Handheld Car Cleaning
Inborntrait 12v Powerful Lightweight Handheld Car Cleaning

Inborntrait AB-US - 1941921 Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner, Powerful Lightweight 12V Car Cleaning Tool with Long Cord for Car Interior Cleaning of Sand, Pet Hair, Snack Crumbs

Powerful Vacuum Cleaner With Auxiliary Connection 12V

  • Choose from 3 attachments for every area you want to clean: retractable nozzle, flat head and precision brush. It is ideal for getting into tight spaces in the car, especially under the seats
  • The suction cup picks up dust, gravel, sand, food debris, liquids, pet hair or other objects quickly
  • Rental Agreement Please read and understand the user manual included in the package before using the car vacuum cleaner.

  • PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT - This compact and easy-to-use automatic vacuum cleaner is designed for cleaning on the go. The portability makes this vacuum cleaner effective for cleaning your car. It is also very light and easy to carry.
  • POWERFUL VACUUM - The car seat vacuum cleaner has excellent suction power and a power of 100W. It can deeply clean your car to remove dust, food residue, pet hair, dust, small leaves from the car carpet and sand.
  • VARIOUS CLEANING KIT INCLUDED - Equipped with a crevice tool, extended hose connector, brush tool and instructions, the 12V handheld vacuum cleaner can get into tight spaces and easily clean hard-to-reach areas between car seats and corners. The brush was very effective in cleaning the carpet. The 3-meter foot slings help clean tight spaces like the sides of the seats and the center console.
  • Detachable Dust Basket - The vacuum chamber is separate from the manual vacuum motor, which allows you to remove the dust collector and clean the interior. Put it on your car, it will not take up much space in your car, you can use it at any time.
  • EASY TO USE - Before using the powerful vacuum cleaner, simply plug it into the vehicle's power outlet and connect the accessories to the vacuum cleaner. When using DC 12V power supply, the cleaning effect is good.

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