JulyPanny Portable Electric Glass Kettle with Blue LED Light
JulyPanny Portable Electric Glass Kettle with Blue LED Light

JulyPanny 1.8L Portable Glass Kettle with Blue LED Light and Stainless Steel Base, Quick Heating Worktop, Hot Water Kettle with Auto Shut Off and Boil Protection, Black

Enjoy hot drinks worry-free with this modern and space-saving glass jug
✔ Rapid Boiling: Save precious minutes of boiling water in the kettle instead of on the stove. Even boiling water can be used to refill what is simmering on the stove.
✔ STAINLESS STEEL FILTER: Water is passed through an additional stainless steel filter at the outlet.
✔ STRONG HANDLING: Hold the kettle and pour out the hot water!
✔ DURABLE MATERIALS: Simple and elegant design in stainless steel and food grade glass. SAFE TO USE - Neighborly chic.
Large opening: You can easily access the inside of the kettle through the hole to wipe the glass or clean it with a cloth or sponge.
✔ Blue LED Indicator: Enjoy watching the cooking process when the light is on.
✔ DRY PROTECTION: Automatically turn off the kettle when dry.
✔ 360° Rotatable Base: Easily lift the cordless glass jug off the base and lower it from any angle.

  •  💧 QUICK, QUIET AND EASY CLEANING QUICK BOTTOM] Large 1.8L glass jug brings water to a simmering boiling point in just 2 minutes (from the lowest fill line) or only 6 minutes (from the maximum fill line). The generously sized 4" wide lid opens approximately 90 degrees, allowing even the largest of hands to easily fit inside the kettle for easy cleaning. Our boilers operate on a US standard 110/120 volt outlet.
  • 💧 【Safety Protection Water Bottle】With a non-slip handle and heat-resistant handle design, you don't have to worry about this water bottle slipping out of your hand or getting burned. Boil dry safety feature turns off if no water is detected for added safety and peace of mind. Concealed heating elements heat the water quickly but remain cool to the touch.
  • 💧 304 Stainless Steel] To ensure that every cup of water you drink remains pure, 304 stainless steel has been selected for the inner lid and the bottom of the kettle to ensure that all parts that come into contact with the water are made of edible materials, providing you with a healthy drink. Sleek stainless steel countertops adorn the elegant glass body and combine classic and contemporary design ideas to match most kitchen interiors imaginable.
  • 💧 Cordless & Portable] The glass jug can be easily inserted and removed from the 360° rotatable base without any annoying cables. This makes the kettle portable and can be poured and served anywhere in the kitchen where hot water is needed.
  • 💧 【Heating tube with a large mesh filter The large nozzle is equipped with a mesh filter, which is completely resistant to splashing liquids and will not cause accidents or spills! Plus, you can finally enjoy fragrant tea, refreshing coffee or delicious hot chocolate anytime, anywhere! With a 1L capacity (or 4.2 cups), you'll always have enough hot water for tea, instant noodles, soup or other recipes!

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