NARBOR Stainless Steel Kettle Double Layer Hot Water
NARBOR Stainless Steel Kettle Double Layer Hot Water

NARBOR Mini Kettle, 1 Liter Stainless Steel Double Layer BPA Free Electric Kettle, Cordless Kettle, Auto Shut Off & Boil, Protect Water, Tea and Coffee

free plastic taps

Water does not come into contact with plastic. This takes "BPA Free" to a whole new level!
Easy pour design

This kettle features a special spout that prevents drips when pouring. No more mess on the table!

quickly boils

With the power of 800W, you can boil 1 liter of water faster than microwaves and kettles, and you can always brew coffee / tea / oat milk or other drinks!

Double wall design

Thanks to the double wall technology, this kettle can stay hot for up to 60 minutes after the water boils, and the double wall design also helps prevent burns. Now you can safely enjoy hot water as desired.

open cover

Easy to clean and one-button refill with wide opening lid design.

NARBOR Stainless Steel Kettle Double Layer Hot Water
NARBOR Stainless Steel Kettle Double Layer Hot Water

  •  ● 【Food-grade Material】 The kettle is made of food-grade PP material and stainless steel, free of BPA and harmful substances. This makes the teapot safer to use and keeps the water hot. Double wall, double insulation, anti-scalding structure, the outside temperature of the water heater does not exceed 45 degrees Celsius.
  • ● 【800W 54dB Heating Fast & Quiet】800W high-power electric kettle, it can boil 1L of water in 3-5 minutes, which saves time and effort compared to the traditional electric kettle in the cooker. The open spout with filter allows easy pouring of water for brewing a variety of tea, coffee and other recipes. Strain the beans until the tea is dispersed.
  • ● 【Safety Features】 This kettle has additional safety features such as a cold handle to prevent you from burning your hands; The kettle is equipped with the latest safety technology, so you don't have to worry about being distracted or forgetting to turn off the kettle. Automatic shutdown and dry scald protection Automatic shutdown within 20 seconds after the water has fully boiled and automatic shutdown if no water is detected.
  • ● 【Wireless Discharge, Easy to Clean】 The kettle is easy to lift off the base, easy to pour into the sink, and closes neatly without a power cord; In order to make better use of the tap to carry water, the large mouth cover has been carefully designed to facilitate cleaning the inside of the kettle. If you notice white dirt on the bottom, you can use vinegar or lemon.
  • ● 【Small Size】 The size of the small kettle is only 17 * 19cm (6.7 * 7.5in), which is compact and does not take up space. Easy to carry and store, it slips easily into a travel bag. Perfect for travel, business trips, college dorms, barbecues and kitchens, it keeps you hydrated on the go.

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