TREND Networks CCTV Camera Tester for IP Digital
TREND Networks CCTV Camera Tester for IP Digital 

TREND network | SecuriTEST IP Package | CCTV Camera Tester for IP Digital (R171000) + VDV II Plus (R158002)

SecuriTEST IP is the first camera test device that captures camera images, network configuration and authentication automation. Generate professional test reports, including videos, to verify completion of tasks and reduce unpaid return visits.

To save time and increase productivity, SecuriTEST IP provides automatic camera connection via the unique QuickIP function, which speeds up the connection to the camera.

The VDV II Plus included in this package provides additional value for simple cable tests. It supports all the features of VDV II Pro and more. VDV II Plus tests the integrity of audio, data, and video installations, reducing downtime and costly repairs.

  • Get the completely exclusive SecuriTEST IP package including VDV II Plus to check your voice, data and video cables. Both devices are described in detail below.
  • Built on America: At TREND Networks (formerly IDEAL Networks), our mission is to create fast and accurate testing solutions and help network engineers, data installers and system integrators better serve their world.
  • Safer IP: Final installation tests and troubleshooting for digital / IP camera systems, HD coaxial systems, and analog CCTV systems. Power the camera via PoE/PoE+ or 12V DC from the internal Li-Ion battery, eliminating the need for a separate adapter and injector. Additionally, avoid unpaid chargebacks by creating professional test reports that can be easily emailed from the lab. SecuriTEST IP helps improve productivity from start to finish.
  • With this kit, the Copper Cable Tester: VDV II PLUS allows users to test the integrity of copper cables commonly found in residential, commercial, or industrial audio, data, or video installations, including telephone lines, data networks, and video/security cables. Accurately measures cable length and provides distance to fault information
  • Features: Integrated RJ-11/RJ-12 (audio), RJ-45 (data) connectors and F-type coaxial connectors (video) eliminate the need for a separate tester or transformer to test faster performance of most types of low voltage cable. VDV II PLUS has port select hub flash function, larger 2.9 inch screen and backlight

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