Upgrow PB22 Loop-Recording and Parking Mode 4K Dual Dash Camera
Upgrow PB22 Loop-Recording and Parking Mode 4K Dual Dash Camera


Upgrow PB22 Dual Dash Cam with 4K Front Camera, 2K Ethernet Back Camera, Maximum Transfer, Dual Front and Rear WDR, G-Sensor, Repeat Recording and Stand Mode, Support TF Card up to 512GB, Black

Convenient and easy to use

A rod has been added to the glass slider on the PB22 tachograph mount. To remove the tachograph, simply press and hold the holder on either side of the bulbs, then it can be removed easily. And the slider of the holder is still fixed for installation, just align the slider interface and install the dash cam bracket, it can be repaired easily, solve the problem of 3M electrostatic glue damage.

24 hour parking monitoring

The parking monitor activates automatically in the event of a collision, recording video of the vehicle's surroundings and proactively alerting you the next time you turn on the dashboard camera.

Speed, location and route tracking

Insert the SD card into the driving recorder video, then drag the SD card to play it on the computer. The SD card will automatically create the GXPLAY player and you can easily view the tracks by clicking without downloading them. GPS separate.

360 degree protection

SONY CMOS (Camera) IMX335, FOV 170°, FNO 1.8, clearer in low light, stable performance; 5 million HD COMS (camera), FOV150, FNO 1.8 at the back, which can fully monitor the details inside and outside the window.

 High Resolution: PB22 Dual Camera Control Panel - 4K + 2K front and rear cameras.

Advanced hardware: SONY IMX335 sensor and NT96670 high-speed processing chip ensure 4K image quality.

ADVANCED PARKING DISPLAY: The driving recorder has a built-in high-temperature 3C pure cobalt battery built-in. In the event of a collision, the front and rear cameras are triggered automatically to record details. An anomaly alert alerts you the next time you start your vehicle. It promises 360-degree protection when left unattended, while most dual cameras can only detect movement in front of it.

Large Storage: Support 512GB TF card, for 32GB and 64GB, which are widely used in the market, so you don't need to worry about not enough memory to record details.

Detailed design:
Compared with most dashboard cams and size, the PB22 is more convenient, compact, easy to disassemble and carry.

Upgrow PB22 Loop-Recording and Parking Mode 4K Dual Dash Camera
Upgrow PB22 Loop-Recording and Parking Mode 4K Dual Dash Camera

  •     【Real Ultra HD 4K + 2k Dual Dash Cam The PB22 dual camera is equipped with a true 4K Ethernet front camera (2160P / 30FPS) and a 2K rear camera (1440P / 30FPS).
  •     [Built-in high-speed chip] The volume of each video is halved, multiple cameras are saved at the same time during loop recording, the effective video time is doubled, and the storage space is saved; Each video recorder video memory becomes smaller, which solves the problem that the video file is too large and operates at a high temperature. collapse problem.
  •     【Ethernet backup camera】The driving camera adopts 500W high-definition video transmission over Ethernet, lossless transmission, double transmission speed, video recovery is more realistic, clearer, no delay, low lag, providing you with faster and more accurate judgments, reversible detection, Avoid accidents and ensure your driving safety.
  •     [Applicable models] The PB22 driving recorder front view lens mount can be rotated approximately 90 degrees, which is suitable for all models. Minivan, etc. can be installed by yourself, which saves installation costs.
  •     【18 Months Warranty】 UPGROW Dash Cam provides 30 days cash back and 18 months product warranty, the warranty does not cover dashboard cam malfunction caused by TF card. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. Our professional engineering team will reply you within 12-24 hours and help you solve it.

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