Woednx Waterproof Pedometer Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Smart Watch
Woednx Waterproof Pedometer Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Smart Watch

Woednx P40 Smart Watch for Android Phone Compatible with iPhone, woednx 1.69 inch Smartwatch Fitness Activity Tracker Smartwatch for Women Men, IP68 Waterproof Watch Pedometer Heart Rate Sleep Monitor

IP68 waterproof

IP68 waterproof design protects your smartwatch when you wash your hands, sweat heavily, get caught in sudden rain or go for a swim. (Do not use the watch in water temperature higher than 38 degrees, such as showering, sauna, etc. or diving)

music control

Connect the watch to the "Gloryfit" app and open the phone launcher. With this fitness smartwatch, you can easily control your music and switch songs without taking out your phone while traveling or doing sports. Enjoy every minute!


The watch will display the reminders of incoming calls and Gmail/SMS/APP messages from Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc., and you can read the messages on the watch directly. When you have a hard time answering calls, it's easy to see incoming messages or end calls you don't need.

Long battery life

The smart watch has a large built-in 180mAh battery that takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge and supports 5-7 days of typical use and 28 days of standby time.

camera control

Activate the "Camera Remote" function on Gloryfit. Just shake your wrist to remote control your phone and take pictures. Easy to use for selfies or group photos.

stable reminder

Activate the seat reminder function in the app. If you work for long hours, the smartwatch will remind you to stretch your muscles and help you develop an active and healthy lifestyle

Find your phone

If you sometimes forget where your phone is, you can easily locate your phone with your watch or find your watch from your phone. When you press "Search" on your fitness watch, your phone will ring or vibrate so you can find it.


By using the stopwatch in your smartwatch, you can easily count studies, sports, cooking, car trips and more to better understand your operations and be more efficient.

Woednx Waterproof Pedometer Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Smart Watch
Woednx Waterproof Pedometer Heart Rate Sleep Monitor Smart Watch

  •     【Fashion Smart Watch】 Woednx smart watch for men and women adopts 1.69 HD touch screen, which is touch sensitive, smooth and easy to operate. 33g is very light and comfortable to wear. Support 17 languages, interchangeable bands and 90 built-in ROMs, or choose any picture as the watch face to customize your own watch. It is also a special gift choice for your loved ones!
  •     【All-Day Activity Tracking】The fitness watch supports 24 sports modes. You can easily and accurately track your activities throughout the day such as time, steps, distance, GPS log on your phone, average speed, calories burned, heart rate and fat. Burn / Aerobic / Anaerobic / Maximum heart rate analysis on Gloryfit to help you choose the ideal training intensity to help and better improve the efficiency of certain exercises.
  •     【Health Monitoring Assistant】The smart watch uses advanced optical sensors to automatically track your heart rate in real time 24/7. Monitor SpO2 saturation, blood pressure, sleep status and provide a comprehensive analysis of sleep quality (deep/light sleep/wake time). Submit daily and weekly health analysis reports to the Gloryfit website. Understand your physical condition better and lead a healthier lifestyle.
  •     【IP68 waterproof】 Long battery life IP68 waterproof, whether it's washing your hands, sudden rain, extreme sports or swimming, you can wear the smart watch without worrying about the watch being damaged or abraded by sweat, without the inconvenience of removing it often. Full charge in 1.5 hours supports 7 days of normal use and 28 days of standby, saving you about a week of active time.
  •     【Life Assistant】 The smart watch is compatible with smartphones running Android 5.0 iOS 9.0 or above. The smart watch can effectively manage your daily routine on your wrist without taking out your phone. For example, you can directly read SMS and SM messages, receive incoming call notifications, sedentary alarm clock/reminder, display weather, control camera/music, find phone

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