YANXUAN Health-Care Electric Tea kettle
YANXUAN Health-Care Electric Tea kettle

Yanxuan Electric Teapot Yanxuan Health Jug 1.5 Liter 10 cooking functions Maintain temperature for up to 12 hours HD LCD touch screen Clean menu, suitable for tea, yogurt, coffee, milk soup and white.

  •  10 in 1 cooking function: Multiple cooking methods to easily enjoy a healthy life. Let food fill your life, and customize 10 general career programs to meet different needs. Depending on the nature of the food. The temperature curve design makes it difficult to damage the power supply.
  • Relaxing time: Have a cup of fragrant tea after a busy day and savor different soups in different seasons. Simmer slowly to preserve the ingredients' nutrients. Heat the milk, simmer the bird's nest, and make the yogurt. Cook in a saucepan, cook in a glass container: soup is cooked in the outer container, rice is cooked in the inner container.
  • 1.5L Large Capacity: Meets daily drinking water needs and reduces the number of water injections. It can meet the water consumption of one person per day and at the same time meet the water consumption of 3-5 people.
  • Smart and easy to use: keeps warm up to 12 hours: stays warm whenever you need water; 9 hours 30 minutes delay: you can prepare meals in advance, no need to wait early, the food is there when you need it; Comfortable HD LCD touch screen and clean panel.
  • Food grade material: the pot is made of borosilicate glass, heat insulation silicone, detachable stainless steel teapot with anti-fall protection: the tea is boiled separately in the teapot, which is convenient for straining the tea leaves.

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