roblox will recreate the chinese app after the current shutdown
roblox will recreate the chinese app after the current shutdown

ROBLOX, a $50 billion online gaming company, has announced that it is rebuilding its platform in China after removing its Chinese app last month.

The Lobles app, which it launched in partnership with Chinese gaming giant Tencent, was discontinued in December, just five months after its launch.

The app now shows users a message thanking them for using the trial when they sign in.

The company announced that it will make the necessary investments as part of a number of important interim measures, including handling in-game data. It stated that it is developing another translated version of its platform.

Roblox is trying to enter the Chinese market with 720 million players as part of its IPO prospectus, which will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in March 2021.

Partnering with Tencent, the company has secured high-quality, hard-to-get regulatory licenses, and launched a Chinese version of the platform that has stricter censorship rules for game developers and focuses on education rather than entertainment.

But so far, their efforts have faced fierce competition and regulatory hurdles. Chinese players are complaining that they did not receive a warning that the company was closing its apps.

Analysts warn that Roblox's user-generated content model - players develop in-game content - presents a challenge to China's strict content regulators.

The difficulty with games in China is that they are presented as an educational tool. This strategy is designed to win the support of Chinese parents.

Since Beijing took steps to control the private education sector in July last year, oversight of education companies has been tightened.

ROBLOX removes Chinese apps to create a different version

Beijing has taken steps to prevent young people from playing online games on certain dates between 8 pm and 9 pm. This is another big hit.

If Tencent and Roblox plan to release a new version of the platform, they will have to apply for a different license. You can wait until the end of the year due to the backlog of games awaiting regulatory approval.

At the same time, ROBLOX is facing increasing competition from Reworld, a Chinese platform that also hosts games created by its users on this platform.

The rival platform received an investment from the owner of the Tik Tok platform, Bytedance. Bytedance is turning to gaming to challenge Tencent's dominance in the industry.

Since the Chinese app was discontinued, the company's stock price has fallen by 39%. Although he mentioned that the number of daily active users across the world and the time spent on the platform has slowed down.

The Roblox platform is known for its virtual world technology and is now called Metaverse. The Roblox platform is independent of the global version of Roblox, so users can create and play games and participate in virtual activities.

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