Sony prepares to manufacture electric cars
Sony prepares to manufacture electric cars

Sony has announced that it will start an electric vehicle business later this year when it revealed its new SUV concept.

At the company's keynote presentation at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2022, Sony revealed the Vision-S we saw last year, along with a new SUV concept called the Vision-S 02.

But the biggest surprise was the launch of Sony Mobile, a new company focused on electric cars.

Although the tech industry has been wondering if Apple will produce cars for many years to come, the Japanese company has shown a working prototype of its technology and is now taking it a step further.

The company has released several demonstration videos showing the Vision-S model on YouTube. These videos indicate the ideal lifestyle that these cars would fit in.

Others demonstrated user interface design or remote testing over a 5G connection connecting Tokyo and Germany in real time.

I don't know if all this will ever lead to the release of Sony brand cars. But it's clear that the company has a vision for the future of autonomous electric cars that it's striving to achieve.

"We look forward to the commercial launch of Sony's electric vehicles in the coming months," said the company's president and CEO. This seemingly exploratory study examines how a creative entertainment company can redefine mobility.

“With imaging technologies, sensors, cloud, 5G, and entertainment, along with our mastery of content, we believe we are well positioned to redefine mobility as a creative entertainment company.”

Sony focuses on cars equipped with the Vision-S Concept SUV

When the Vision-S 01 was launched last year, the company talked several times about the capabilities of its sensors. We should think about how this technological leadership can be used in the automotive industry.

Known for its electronics and entertainment products, the company plans to use artificial intelligence and robotics in its new electronics store.

The Vision-S 02 concept uses SNE sensors to activate certain autonomous driving functions and use the company's entertainment expertise. Riders can play video games on the go while logged into the PlayStation platform at home.

Two years ago, Sony launched its first prototype Vision-S 01, which will be tested on public roads in Europe in December 2020.

Sony announced in a press release that the new Vision-S 02 uses the same cloud platform for electric vehicles as the Vision-S 01.

It is unclear whether the company will produce cars under its own brand or cooperate with other automakers.

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