Twitter is copying reaction videos from Tik Tok
Twitter is copying reaction videos from Tik Tok

Twitter announced that it is testing a feature called Quote Tweet with Reaction, which allows you to embed a copy of a tweet in a photo or video instead of just replying with a text.

The platform announced that the functionality is currently being tested on iOS. If you have access to this feature, the Retweet menu will have a button to quote tweets with a reply.

Tapping that will take you to a screen where you can take a photo or video that you can place over the Tweet or choose one from your camera roll.

A senior product manager at Twitter posted a response to the announcement on Twitter. This way you can see how the user's reaction went.

This functionality is similar to video responses via Tik Tok. Instagram recently copied Tik Tok to support the Reels feature.

Twitter itself has also added new ways to share tweets. In December 2020, the ability to embed tweets into Snapchat messages or stories was introduced.

Some users of the platform have raised concerns that this response may be a simple form of harassment.

Even if the platform can edit regularly quoted tweets relatively easily. But it is difficult to digitize the content of an image or video programmatically.

Twitter allows you to interact with tweets related to photos or videos

Some of the other features of the platform include mitigations such as the ability to not tag photos or to limit who can reply to your tweets.

However, platform spokeswoman Viviana Wiwall said: “You cannot currently disable who can and cannot use this feature in your tweets because it inherits the standard tweet quote behavior.

When asked if she had any concerns that the feature could be used for harassment purposes, she replied: The safety of people on the platform is our top priority. While we do not want to use it in a harmful way, we closely monitor the use of the product. We make sure any abuse is caught according to our rules.

The company also announced that it is testing a new design that will allow you to type a tweet from the main timeline instead of pressing a button to get to the compose screen.

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