Microsoft is testing a secret features for Windows 11
Microsoft is testing a secret features for Windows 11

It looks like Microsoft is working on some new Windows 11 features that haven't been announced publicly yet.

Notes about background stickers, the ability to hide the tablet's taskbars, and the stamina section of Settings has been spotted in the latest Windows 11 beta build.

The new features were also revealed a few days after the company announced that it is testing more beta features for Windows 11.

Twitter user Albacore shared a new customization feature for adding stickers to your desktop background in Windows 11.

The screenshots show that you can choose the stickers commonly found in the Messages app as wallpapers and change them from your desktop.

These tools are currently in Windows 11. However, they cannot be installed on the desktop. Therefore, stickers can be an alternative to personalizing your desktop.

Posters can be limited to one screen, and references to Windows 11 features provide instructions for educational purposes.

Microsoft is currently offering new, low-cost laptops to Windows 11 SE students. It is optimized so that the app always works in full screen mode on one screen.

The new sticker feature could be part of Windows 11 SE or the consumer version of Windows 11.

Albacore also found references to the Tablet Mode section of Windows 11. A new taskbar setting called "Automatically hide the taskbar when using the device as a tablet" has appeared.

Microsoft is testing features like Tablet Mode

Microsoft has largely phased out most of the traditional tablet mode features in Windows 11. However, the company is planning several gestures and modes for its canceled project with Windows 10X and dual-screen tablets.

The new Sustainability section in Windows 11 Settings also appears to include recommendations for energy saving and hardware recycling.

It appears that Microsoft is also rebranding Focus Assist to Focus Only, with the ability to schedule silent mode through Outlook.

These features are not currently available for most Windows 11 testers, and Microsoft has yet to confirm their existence. The software company acknowledges that Windows users like Albacore have found some features that were intentionally disabled in the latest beta builds of Windows 11.

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