Focuself 300W Car Adapter Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V Car Adapter
Focuself 300W Car Adapter Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V Car Adapter

Focuself AD065G2Uz 300W Car Adapter Power Adapter: 12V to AC 110V Car Converter for Laptops and Portable Electronics with 5V 2.1A Charging Port and 2 Car Charger Outlets with Adapter

Voxelve 300 Watt Inverter

Excellent travel companion!

Equipped with a 300W AC outlet and 5V 2.1A USB port, this premium power adapter can charge 3 devices simultaneously at full speed.

Only for DC 12V and cars, NOT for DC 24V and use in airplanes.

Connect the battery alligator clip

When using the inverter outside the car, the inverter can be connected to the car's 12V battery via an alligator clip. The inverter connected to a 12V battery can produce 300W continuously. Battery clips are durable, like jumper cable clips. This is not a backup battery, it is a power supply that requires a battery to operate.

Connect the cigarette lighter socket

You can plug the cigarette lighter directly into the car outlet to power your device. The cigarette lighter socket has a spring-loaded mechanism that screws firmly into the socket. If you use your car's cigarette lighter socket, the inverter will draw about 150 watts because that's what most car fuses use to protect your electronic devices.

external assistant

When you do activities with friends, you can connect the car power anytime and anywhere to turn on decorative lights such as LED lights, low-power electrical appliances and electronic equipment, creating a good activity atmosphere, enriching your outdoor life, making your trip easier and more enjoyable. .

  • Intelligent cooling: self-controlled cooling fan, intelligent cooling fan and vents at both ends to facilitate heat dissipation for the inverter. When the inverter temperature increases, the speed of the smart fan increases. The perfect overload protection design effectively ensures the safe operation of the inverter. If the load is too large, the inverter will shut off immediately.
  • Unique design: cigarette lighter adapter and car battery clip included, with two options: connect to cigarette lighter while driving and provide continuous power up to 240W; When camping, simply connect the DC battery cable directly to your car, truck, van, trailer or 12V RV battery, it delivers up to 300W of continuous power. Key switch, the cigarette lighter does not need to be used frequently, it is more convenient to use.
  • Multiple Protection: The reflective shell is made of metal material. The durable metal construction provides advanced protection against drops and shocks. Built-in fuse protects your devices from short circuit, undervoltage, overload, overvoltage, overload, over temperature and built-in fuses.
  • Specifications: The 300W 2 x 110V AC Modified Sine Wave Inverter provides 3 slots for the car, DC to AC output, 2.1A USB port and 2.1A output current to protect your electronic devices. Simply connect the DC battery cable directly to your car, truck, van, trailer or RV battery to power camping heaters, portable electronics, small appliances, laptops, game consoles and more in your vehicle. Power supply for other electronic devices.
  • Portable: Small size, detachable power cord. Compared with other inverters, it does not take up much space in your car, and the car deflector is easy to store. Plug it directly into the cigarette lighter socket. The cable is 20 inches long, which makes it comfortable for people sitting in the back. It is a good choice for self driving tour, vacation and camping. The 24-inch cigarette lighter socket allows the inverter to be connected to almost any vehicle.

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