Kensington K38238WW International Grounded 3 Prong Travel Adapter
Kensington K38238WW International Grounded 3 Prong Travel Adapter

Kensington International 3-Pin Grounded Travel Adapter with 2 x 2.4A USB Ports - Black (K38238WW)

The Kensington International Grounded 3-Pin Travel Adapter with Dual USB Ports is an innovative universal plug that plugs into a standard universal wall outlet. The International Travel Adapter is designed to safely operate devices in more than 200 countries around the world. It is compatible with both grounded and ungrounded outlets, includes a retractable 3-pin laptop adapter and other devices, and provides internal fuses to protect connected devices. Protection against unexpected power sources. storms; Designed with the business traveler in mind, the International Travel Adapter offers the convenience, security, and versatility that has made Kensington the professional choice of mobile phone accessories for more than 35 years.

Compact and powerful design with two 2.4A USB ports

With its retractable 3-pin plug, the sturdy and lightweight adapter is your perfect travel companion. The built-in USB port provides the fastest simultaneous charging, even when another device is connected via the adapter at the same time.


The Kensington International Travel Adapter is built to last, ensuring professionals have the choice of mobile phone accessories.

Inner valve protection

Internal fuses give you complete peace of mind, protecting your connected devices and their internal components from damage from unexpected power surges.

  • A 3-prong grounding adapter provides the safest way to charge your device
  • Compatible with both grounded and ungrounded outlets for safe and convenient power delivery in over 200 countries
  • The high output power safely delivers up to 1575W of power to the most popular portable devices such as laptops, smartphones and razors.
  • Two 2.4A USB ports provide the fastest charging speed for two devices (K38238WW only)
  • Internal fuses protect connected devices such as laptops from unexpected power surges

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