Mengshen Upgraded Anti Theft Bicycle Alarm with Remote
Mengshen Upgraded Anti Theft Bicycle Alarm with Remote

Mengshen Upgraded Burglar Alarm With Remote Control 113dB Waterproof High Sensitivity Modification Motorcycle Scooter Motorbike

Thanks for coming, you deserve the best! This is Mengshen bicycle/motorcycle/door and door anti-theft alarm-Z08.

113db ultra loud burglar alarm

Once triggered, a loud 113 decibel alarm is a great deterrent and can effectively deter bike thieves.

Remote control - simple and convenient

Activation key: ress it once, the main unit alarm will enter “activation mode”, after 5 seconds, the alarm will beep. When vibration or shock is detected, an alarm sounds and sounds.

Disarm button: In the arming mode, press this button, the alarm will go out of the arming mode and return to the standby mode.

Even if the host alarm goes off, pressing this button will stop the alarm immediately.

Change button: press this button to select the ringtone, you have 6 types of tones to choose from.

Ringtone button: Press this button and the alarm will sound on the selected ringtone, making it easier for you to find your bike.

Easy to install

Installation accessories: 2 * mounting tapes, 2 * double-sided stickers

There are also mounting holes and interface holes in the back of the siren, so that the siren can be easily installed on a bike or motorcycle.

Spare parts for remote controls

1) Additional remote control can be ordered by searching for "Mongshen AR01".

2) The additional remote control must be paired with the host alarm device before use

How to pair?

Press and hold the buzzer button (the fourth button) of the old remote control until you hear “beep”, then press the lever or take out the button of the new remote control, the host alarm will sound “beep…beep” to remind you that the pairing was successful The new remote control is now ready to use.

Wide range of applications

With a durable PC case, it is waterproof and dustproof, ideal for outdoor use.

It is widely used in scooters/electric bikes/motorcycles/self-balancing scooters, doors and nodo.

power source:

Host battery: 3 * AAA alkaline batteries (included)

Remote control battery: 12V/27Ah alkaline battery (included)

  • Compact design alarm clock measures 9.5 x 4 x 2 cm (3.7 x 1.6 x 0.8 inch); The remote control measures 6 x 3 x 1 cm (2.4 x 1.2 x 0.4 inches)
  • 【3 Volume Levels 7 Sensitivity Levels】 Volume and sensitivity are adjustable. Just tap on the remote to set it up. Simple and practical.
  • 【Easy to Install】Two ways to install, we can attach it to the bike with double-sided stickers or cable ties.
  • 【Power Supply】 Alarm host requires 3 AAA alkaline batteries (included); Remote control requires CR2032 button battery (included)
  • Expandable One alarm can be used with up to 8 remote controls. If you need an extra remote or lose your original remote, just buy an extra remote and pair it with your alarm before you use it.

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