Southwire Portable Power Distributor Box for 50 amp
Southwire Portable Power Distributor Box for 50 amp

Southwire 019703R02 19703R02 Power Distribution Specifications 6 Straight Blades 1 Twist Lock 30P A 50A 125 / 250V 12000W Yellow Stackable Portable Power Distribution Box

Southwire X-TREME BOX power boxes, sometimes referred to as spider boxes or spider boxes, are portable power distribution centers that temporarily operate a job site more efficiently by allowing for more localized power distribution. 19703R02 is a single phase distribution box that takes 50 amp 125/250 volt 12000 watt inputs and distributes it to 6 20 amp and 1 30 amp outputs. There is also a 50A lane for running portable junction boxes in series. It is a premium temperature power supply box with advanced features such as independent GFCI modules on 20A output, advanced power switches and a fully copper reinforced panel. Product Description The Extreme Box is a portable power distribution unit that provides a quick and easy way to supply power in a variety of situations. On industrial and residential construction sites, the device effectively reduces labor costs for building power and GFCI switchboards. Simply power the box with a 50 amp, 125/150 volt power cord. The power is then divided into 20-amp and 125-volt outlets for site-related equipment. The appliance has a weatherproof cover which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Use it at convention centers, fairs, camps, and any other location where power is temporarily required. The box has a heavy-duty carbon steel-reinforced sliding base to ensure the box is heavy-duty. The Extreme Box includes six GFCI-shielded NEMA 5-20R straight receptacles and a NEMA L6-30, 250V, 30A locking connector. All sockets are protected by circuit breakers. As a manufacturer, Southwire has a long history of designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of electrical tools and equipment. The Southwire Toolkit and Equipment has it all. From hand tools and counters to material handling and storage. Southwire has a strong reputation for ensuring safety and increasing productivity, and we continue that tradition with our innovative range of tools and equipment.

There is work to be done, and no time to be deceived by force!

Southwire's X-Treme Box units provide economical, robust and safe electrical distribution on the job site. The X-Treme Box Power Distribution Center is the only choice for tough job site conditions.

  • X-TREME BOX: The US listed temporary power box provides safe and reliable power distribution on the job site.
  • Inputs/Inputs: Powered by 150A, 125/250V, 12000W Lock-on CS-63 California Compatible with 1918008 and 19190008 (wiring sold separately)
  • Sockets: 6 x NEMA 5-20 2500-5000W Weatherproof straight blade socket with separate circuit breaker and circuit breaker, 1 x NEMA L6-30 7500W Weatherproof straight blade socket with circuit breaker
  • Crossing: 150A 125 / 250V 12000W California Lock CS-63 for tandem start boxes.
  • The heavy-duty 16 gauge steel features a corrosion-resistant powder coat finish to withstand tough job sites and weather-resistant NEMA-3 tape.

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