Tik Tok tests age-based content restrictions
Tik Tok tests age-based content restrictions

ByteDance said in a press release that TikTok is developing ways to rate and age content to prevent adult content from reaching teen users of the short video app.

The platform said it was running a small test of how to limit adult content to accounts owned by younger users, whether they are users and their parents or guardians.

The company said it depends on the type of content rating criteria used for movies and games. He said he's testing a way to let creators decide whether content should only be viewed by older viewers.

The service has updated its community guidelines and introduced new features that it says support the well-being of its users. Some policy changes remove previously heavily criticized content from the company, including videos that critics say glorify eating disorders and serious challenges.

The company announced that it will begin removing videos that promote eating disorder symptoms such as short-term fasting and excessive exercise.

Tik Tok bans content that promotes eating disorders

Content promoting eating disorders has been banned across the platform. However, reports indicate that users are exposed to videos showing poor eating habits.

During a congressional hearing in October, senators urged TikTok officials to strengthen protections for young users.

"We are making this change in consultation with eating disorder experts, researchers, and clinicians because we know that people who have not been diagnosed with an eating disorder can have unhealthy eating habits and behaviors," the association said.

As well as adding more details to the online challenge policy. The platform announced that it is launching a series of videos produced by content makers to help viewers rate the content. These videos appear on the SaferTogether Hub via the Discover page.

According to the Transparency Report, more than 91 million videos with illegal content were removed in the third quarter of 2021.

"We use a combination of technology and people to identify and address violations of our Community Guidelines," the company said. We will continue to train our automated systems and security teams to support our policies.

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