Twitter wants to build a better community for all users
Twitter wants to build a better community for all users

After Twitter rolled out its community feature to all users, the company is currently working on other ways to improve the feature and make it better for everyone.

According to reverse engineering expert Nima Oji, community administrators can choose whether community members can invite other people.

And the prince posted a screenshot via his official Twitter account, showing that members of the community have a few options:

  •     Open: Anyone can join or invite the community.
  •     Restricted: Individuals must apply to join, and these requests must be approved by the leadership team. The people invited are automatically approved by the management team.
  •     Allow members to send invitations: Invitees are automatically approved by existing members.

It was also reported in early February that the platform had started working on a new feature that would allow users to write entire posts instead of just creating a long channel.

According to reverse engineering experts, the upcoming Twitter post editor will have basic text styles like bold, code, italic, font, and underline. Oggy shares the different styles you can use to use this feature.

It is important to note the company's efforts to improve its platform. For example, in 2020, social media introduced a new way to share tweets as topics.

Users can attach multiple Tweets in the same conversation. But the 280-character limit per Tweet still applies for Topics. A spokesperson for the platform confirmed that Twitter will soon share more details about the article feature.

Twitter introduces community features

The platform launched Communities, a feature that rivals Facebook and Reddit groups, for tweeting with others with specific interests.

Users of the platform can be invited to join an initial set of communities including #AstroTwitter, #DogTwitter, #SkincareTwitter, and #SoleFood.

Once people join the community, they can tweet directly to other members, not just their followers. Community members can like or reply to Tweets sent by other members.

Similar to how groups work on Facebook and Reddit, each community has its own moderators who can set rules and invite or remove people.

The platform invited a group of users to create the first community. It allows anyone to apply through their website to create a private community.

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