Anonymous is waging a cyberwar against Russia
Anonymous is waging a cyberwar against Russia

A mysterious online group called Anonymous has decided to combat the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The hacker group has announced that it will take part in a cyber war against President Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.

Via Twitter and YouTube, the group urged its followers (7.6 million via Twitter and 28,000 subscribers on YouTube) to launch cyber attacks on government websites.

The group claimed to own banned websites including the state-controlled Russian news agency, the Kremlin's official website, and Russian Internet service providers.

"As extremists, we will not stand idly by and watch Russian forces kill innocent people trying to defend their homes," the group said on Twitter.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, tweets from an account called Anonymous urged hackers around the world to target Russia.

A February 24 tweet from the account said the global unaffiliated group was preparing to crack down on the Russian government.

In the days that followed, tweets from the account claimed to have disrupted the websites of Russian oil giant Gazprom, the state-controlled Russian news agency, and several Russian and Belarusian government agencies, including the Kremlin's official website.

The tweets said the group had disrupted Russian ISPs and leaked documents and emails from Belarusian arms company Tetrader, which had cut off gas supplies to Russian telecom service Tfingo Telecom.

An unknown person involved in a conflict between Ukraine and Russia

The account summarized the group's intentions in a tweet that stated, "Anonymous has taken action to keep .ru government websites offline and to send a message to the Russian people to break the censorship mechanism in 'Putin's State' can be eliminated. We continue to work to keep Ukrainians online as much as possible."

Another tweet wrote: "Russia may be using bombs to shoot innocents, but Anonymous is using lasers to kill Russian government websites.

Although the account has many followers, one or more of the people behind the anonymous Twitter account deny that it is the official account of the group. "We are a decentralized resistance movement," he said in a blog. There is no official anonymous account.

The account is one of many that operate within the broader framework of a group's social media accounts. However, proving the group's allegations is difficult, if not impossible, because anonymity is a fundamental principle of the group.

A website that confirmed the disruption confirmed that many websites attacked by the group had been suspended.

An article on RT also confirmed that his and the Kremlin's website had been removed by Anonymous. The article also states that the group has targeted other Russian and Belarusian media by replacing their home pages with the message "Stop the War".

A tweet from an anonymous account made it clear that the group was not at war with Russia as a whole or its people.

I don't know who's behind Anonymous. A proven message on the group's account stated that they are working class people fighting for a better future for humanity, and they agreed on some basic principles: freedom of information, freedom of expression, accountability of companies and governments, privacy and anonymity for ordinary people. citizens. citizens.

Anonymous has targeted other notable organizations in the past, including the US and Chinese governments. Although she has expressed support for uprisings such as the Arab Spring and the Occupation of Wall Street.

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