Apple Can Replace the Studio Display's Built-in Stand
Apple Can Replace the Studio Display's Built-in Stand

According to a report by MacRumors, citing internal company documents, Apple retail store employees or authorized service provider employees can replace the stand with the Studio Display.

This conflicts with the disclaimer on the Studio Display purchase page, which states that you must select a swatch at the time of purchase because it is integrated and non-interchangeable.

The company offers three different studio presentation options. You can get a standard tilt-adjustable stand or VESA adapter to attach the monitor to the external arm at no additional charge.

If you want the height-adjustable stand provided by the company, you will have to pay an additional $400. The company says you decide when to buy a monitor. But the new report suggests that you can pay for a change of ownership later if you change your mind.

For example, if a customer purchases a studio monitor with a standard tilt stand and later decides to use a VESA adapter, they can book and install service through the company's store or authorized service provider.

If a customer purchases a studio monitor with a tilt stand and later decides that a tilt and height stand is required, a company store or authorized company service provider can meet that requirement. Price varies by region, type of rack or shelf installed, and labor costs.

Stand-alone mounts and VESA mount upgrade kits are for authorized technicians only. They are not sold through the company's online store.

There seem to be many inconsistencies between what the company says and what Studio Display actually says. The Important Studio Monitor Information page states that the monitor's power cord is not detachable, but it is.

Visually, the hinge is very similar to that used on Apple's cinematic HD display in the early 2000s. According to an archived copy of the service manual, removing the stand from this monitor requires removing two screws.

This contradicts Apple's statement

Studio Displays orders have been arriving to customers since last week. Key specs include a 27-inch screen, 5K resolution, and a 12MP wide-angle camera. There's also a six-speaker audio system with Spatial Audio, a Thunderbolt 3 port, and three USB-C ports.

Models with a standard glass and a kickstand start at $1,599 in the US. Several upgrade options are available.

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