Facebook shuts down Campus its social network for students
Facebook shuts down Campus its social network for students

Facebook is trying to get back to its roots as a college-focused social network with the fall of 2020, the launch of Campus, a dedicated in-app section available only to people with an edu email address.

However, the plan has failed as the company is now reminding users that the campus will be closed completely on March 10.

Through an in-app message, the company notified users that the campus beta has been closed and that campus accounts, groups, posts and other data have been removed.

The message states that users can use the export tool to view and download their data before the campus is closed.

The message is: Since we launched Campus Beta, our mission has been to bring the university community together. But we've learned that the best way to support students is through Facebook groups.

Originally launched to attract young people to the social network, Facebook Campus provides students with a private place to connect with classmates, join groups, see upcoming events, get updates from management, and chat with others to connect.

With the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, there is also a sense that Facebook could use many students' transition to virtual learning to drive adoption of the college's online network.

However, Campus is not available as a separate app, and it can be accessed from the More section as well as other Facebook sections like Clock, Games, News, etc.

Facebook ends its attempt to duplicate the original Facebook

Facebook is trying to roll out the feature on its platform, and one Twitter user noticed in 2021 how he was pushed onto campus when he was more of a faculty member than a student.

From mid-2021, the feature will be available to 60 US colleges and universities, with another 30 colleges and universities joining the service. Campus expansion work continued until early January of this year. The pilot project currently includes 204 universities.

A company spokesperson noted that Campus was originally designed because students used Facebook groups in their colleges.

The company wanted to determine if a customized product would better address this use case. But the company realized that the combination worked better.

The spokesperson also confirmed the decision to close the campus, saying, “We have made the decision to end the Campus beta. We have learned a lot about how best to support students to bring them together more efficiently. First, we have notified students. Campus is no longer available, we recommend that you join Relevant university groups on our website.

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