Insta360 Adds Integrated Video Stabilization to One RS
Insta360 Adds Integrated Video Stabilization to One RS

Insta360 has released the One RS, the successor to the One R, the 360 ​​camera released last year.

One RS features an updated processor to support FlowState in-camera stabilization, previously inherited from the app.

The camera comes with what Insta360 calls the base unit along with a slightly tuned stabilization system to make your 360 lens shooting experience even better.

The basic touch screen has also been improved so you can now see quick menu tabs and an instant zoom feature that lets you zoom in up to 2.7x while recording.

Other less obvious benefits include improved WiFi for faster file transfers, more stable live previews, an additional microphone for clearer audio capture, and 21 percent battery life.

The mounting bracket has been redesigned to connect the RS to other accessories - it now opens to the side for easier handling.

It also includes a new plastic and foam piece in the front to improve the sound by isolating the microphone from wind noise.

The biggest change Insta360 brings to the One RS is the new 4K Boost lens, the usual viewfinder part of the camera system.

There is a 48MP 1/2" image sensor. The f/2.4 aperture and maximum ISO of 6400 are faster than before.

Two new modes bring Active HDR and 6K capabilities to the wide screen. Insta360 shows that Active HDR lets you capture shadows and bring out detail even in fast-moving sports videos.

The 6K widescreen mode also takes full advantage of the sensor to produce video with a cinematic aspect ratio of 2.35:1.

The sensor can capture 4K footage at 60 frames per second. Or record 6K widescreen video at 6016 x 2560 pixels at 25/24 fps. or 1080p clips at up to 200 frames per second.

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You can buy the One RS 4K Edition package for $300. If you own a One R, the new 4K Boost lenses are backwards compatible pending a firmware update.

The new battery holder is also backward compatible, but will not fit the old one.

You can also buy the $550 Twin Edition kit, which adds a 5.7K 360 lens. The invisible selfie stick now allows you to capture video and spherical photos, and export 2D content.

There is a third option if you want a wide-angle camera without a 360-degree lens. You can buy the One RS with an old Leica 1-inch 5.3K lens for $550.

The new mount allows for faster lens change, better cooling and wind resistance for the microphone.

And you need a stand to make sure the whole camera is waterproof up to 5m. Or get a diving bag.

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