Porsche lays down its ambitions in electric mobility
Porsche lays down its ambitions in electric mobility

Porsche has made a rare announcement that it plans to roll out its global network of electric car charging stations. The company also said it plans to generate 80% of its sales from electric vehicles by 2030, as it currently sells the Taycan as well as other hybrid models.

This decision was confirmed at the annual meeting of the automaker. It also revealed plans to expand its electric vehicle portfolio with the Porsche Macan and Porsche 718.

The Porsche 718 is the third all-electric car in its portfolio. It follows the all-electric Porsche Taycan that debuted in 2019 and the upcoming Porsche Macan.

The company's electric vehicle owners currently rely on third-party companies for their charging needs. The automaker has partnered with electric vehicle charging provider Ionity, a joint venture of Ford, BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen.

But now, Porsche has indicated its desire to create its own charging network for electric cars, similar to Tesla's supercharged network.

Shipping sites are set up in high demand regions such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The first installation will take place at the end of the year.

The company said its charging stations are only available to Porsche customers. It aims to complete the Ionity freight network in Europe.

Investments in advanced charging stations are expected to boost sales of Porsche's electric cars, which are expected to account for 80% of total sales by 2030.

The company is also investing in battery production, which it hopes will go into mass production in 2024.

Porsche is implementing an ambitious plan to electrify its fleet

The company envisions its charging stations as luxury lounges where electric vehicle owners can relax with a drink while charging.

The executives also said they plan to expand the network to China and the United States at a later date.

As for electric cars, Porsche says the next generation of the Porsche 718 will be entirely electric.

The Porsche 718 was inspired by the automaker's Mission R racing concept. But as the electric Porsche Macan approaches, the electric Porsche 718 won't come until 2025.

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