Railbus .. a new sustainable viable and environmentally friendly
Railbus .. a new sustainable viable and environmentally friendly

Millions of people in many cities around the world still suffer daily from the complexities of the availability and type of public transport and its negative impact on personal and social life. Governments in many countries around the world today face real challenges in providing sustainable, affordable and economically viable public transportation systems for governments and individuals.

In order to overcome these problems, many developed countries are seeking to adopt modern systems in this case, especially those that are ahead of their times and have the capacity and financial solvency to allow them to adopt such solutions that exist today. This is considered very expensive and remains the main obstacle to its adoption.

Therefore, we find that the world is still in dire need of a sustainable, cost-effective and economically viable public transport system; Contributed to the economic growth of various countries, meet people's needs of convenient and fast travel, meet the needs of the times.

Here is the role of technology companies and new technologies, in an effort to find scientific, practical, effective and economically viable solutions to long-term and intractable problems that we have never imagined before, to overcome these problems and programs with effective solutions to change human lives.

A good example is Real Bus, a Delaware-registered startup that plans to open its headquarters and showroom soon in Dubai, UAE.

A number of entrepreneurs and experts are developing the "Real Bus" system in strategic partnership with professional industrial companies. It represents a new generation of low-cost, solar-powered public transportation systems that are still in use today in many cities around the world with traffic and congestion problems with revolutionary solutions.

According to the founder of the company, the Real Bus system has attracted the attention of government officials, strategic partners and investors in many countries around the world; As it is a quantum leap in the public transportation system, it provides convenient transportation at a low cost. , represents a profitable and economically viable system for any country in the world, as it provides revenue from multiple sources that contribute to the economic growth of the country.

Real Bus is an eco-friendly solar system designed to help improve the lives of millions of people in many crowded and crowded cities and reduce carbon emissions.

A real bus, despite its small size, has a large carrying capacity due to its lightness and speed. Compared to bus and subway services, the "Railbus" system can cut passengers' travel time by a quarter, with higher capacity and lower operating costs. Real Bus is one of the most automated public transportation systems in the world, designed to form a cohesive network at the lowest cost and in the shortest period of time.

Unlike conventional trains, Railbus' renewable energy vehicles are lightweight and mountable, making them extremely fast and inexpensive to manufacture. At a time when cars and buses consume expensive fuels and air pollution increases, the Real Bus network produces its own renewable energy, which makes it very economical and environmentally friendly.

In addition to the contribution of this modern system to boosting the local economy, the rail bus system responds to the urgent need for an economic and sustainable public transportation system. Thanks to the business opportunities it provides, it has become the focus of attention of government officials, strategic partners and investors in many countries.

Real Bus is an innovative project that will change the face of dozens of cities through rapid implementation and low cost. Since its cost does not exceed 15% of the cost of the subway, it also provides multiple revenue streams; This makes it an investment opportunity for local, regional and international banks and investment funds in any country that applies it.

It is worth noting that the manufacture of the first Real Bus vehicles will be completed before the end of next year; Then the company begins mass manufacturing. The company behind this project is scheduled to sign contracts with a number of cities that have expressed their desire to adopt the Real Bus system.

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