Ampeak 100W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Converter
Ampeak 100W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Converter

Ampeak IFUFA0100 100W Car Power Adapter DC 12V to 110V Power Adapter 2.1A USB Car Plug ETL Certified

About the start:

With 24 years of experience in the automotive industry and a complete supply chain system, AMPEAK is committed to providing the most professional and advanced automotive electronic products, focusing on developing high quality products. All products are ETL certified.

The Ampeak 100W Inverter is ideal for backpacking, camping, camping and boating. I work on the road and no electricity anywhere! Suitable for laptops, mobile phones and other electronic devices that need to be powered or charged.

Use for improvement:

1. When unplugging the power cord, be sure to check whether the electrical switch is off before unplugging the power cord.

2. Keep the cigarette lighter plug and socket clean to avoid safety problems caused by bad contact or short circuit.

3. Do not place the inverter in direct sunlight or near heat sensitive materials to avoid overheating of the inverter.


Designed for 12V DC, not suitable for 24V DC.

- The 100W inverter provides 100W continuous output DC-AC and 300W surge protection.

Before purchasing the inverter, please check that the nominal power of your device does not exceed 100W.

Ampeak Safe 100Watts Inverter: This car inverter has passed ETL certification, anti-jamming design, can provide continuous and stable output power, will not damage iPhone or other devices when charging (other inverters on the market do not have this function) and built-in built-in filament protection your device for safe transportation; Isolation voltage completely protects your device from undervoltage, overvoltage, over temperature, overload and short circuit.

  • Ultra Compact: This 12V to 110V inverter is about the size of an iPhone, making it easy to store the car inverter.
  • Direct cigarette lighter socket: no wires, no cables. The 12V adjustable swivel head allows you to adjust the cigarette lighter inverter to the most convenient position in the vehicle.
  • WIDELY USED CAR ADAPTER: Ampeak 100W inverter 100W DC to AC and 200W delivers instant power with a 2.1A USB power adapter, ideal for smartphones, laptops, milk pumps, nebulizers, console toys, kindles, TVs, rechargeable DVD players, and consoles iPad and more. electronic applications.
  • Cooling Fan and Vents: Ampeak DC-AC Inverter has a good thermal protection sensor, built-in ultra-quiet fan and automatic temperature control make the Ampeak 100W inverter heat dissipation easier.
  • US Customer Service and Technical Support: Ampeak has set up a US Customer Service Center to provide friendly and prompt service.

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