ANCEL HD3300 Heavy Duty Truck Scanner with DPF Regeneration
ANCEL HD3300 Heavy Duty Truck Scanner with DPF Regeneration

ANCEL HD3300 Heavy Duty Truck Scanner with DPF Regeneration and Service Reset All System Diagnostic Check Tools OBD2 Diesel Scanner for Cummins, Detroit, Caterpillar and More [New 2022]

One-click screenshot

This feature allows you to record important vehicle diagnostic information using one-click screenshots, which you can then view in Data Manager.

One-click printing

HD3300 scanner supports print function, which can print diagnostic report data, such as vehicle information, fault codes, data stream, etc., and software interface. Note: The HD3300 printer and diagnostic scanner are sold separately. If you need to print the data, you can buy a printer from the package link below the link.

One-click feedback

This diagnostic tool supports one-click feedback. If you have a problem with diagnosis, you can give us feedback through this article and we will give you a great solution based on your information. This will also be the basis for continuous improvement of the program.

One click to upgrade

No need to update on the computer. After WiFi connected, it will automatically check for the latest software update, click update, you will get the latest version of this scanner (more models, bug fixes). Enjoy lifetime updates with one click functionality.

How to activate the HD3300 with one click?

Step 1: Simply connect the vehicle's OBD interface and turn on the ignition switch. The device starts automatically after the vehicle is started.

  • 【DPF Renew & Reset Service】 DPF function with OEM quality for Cummins, Detroit, Caterpillar, International, Volvo, Paka, Isuzu, Fuso. Including DPF Regeneration, DPF Reset, BlueTec, DPF Related Information Reset, DPR Status Reset, DPR Forced Regeneration, Differential Pressure Check, Forced DPD Regeneration, etc; ISUZU FUSO OEM Service Level Reset function provides you with the highest quality maintenance.
  • [Diesel Standard OBD & OBDII Protocol] The HD3300 not only supports the standard HD OBD protocol (including the latest J27145), which covers the most common heavy vehicles (12V and 24V) in the US market, but also supports the standard OBDII protocol of global mainstream vehicles and light vehicle engine systems (after 1996). As a result, it covers more complete models and offers advantages over competing products.
  • 【General System Diagnosis of Almost All Diesel Trucks】 ANCEL HD3300 Diesel Scanner supports checking all heavy-duty truck systems that comply with standard HD OBD protocol, such as engine, ABS/EBS, transmission, body control, chassis control unit, dashboard system With Mit with this tool, you can get detailed analysis data about your system and make some repairs yourself, saving you a lot of time and money.
  • Additional Features] It is equipped with easy-to-use operational features that other truck scanners do not have. One click screenshot, one click refresh, one click print, one click back, one click create test report and email, etc. In addition to other valuable add-ons that give you a great experience.
  • [Simulation "+" Demo "Menu] In order to help you understand the process of the diagnostic function and the interface of the diagnosis result, we have added a display menu, which can be called "Simulation Mode" or "Experimental Mode". When entering this menu, all will not be obtained Pending diagnostics through data interaction with the vehicle's ECU.To view the real-time diagnostic results, enter the non-simulation mode menu.

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