AotuLink 1080P Full HD 140° Wide Angle Car Dash Camera
AotuLink 1080P Full HD 140° Wide Angle Car Dash Camera

AotuLink Mini Dash Cam 1080P Full HD 140° Wide Angle Dash Cam Smart Car Cam Sony Sensor Built-in WiFi G-sensor Night Vision Dual Recording Motion Detection

HD 1080P

Record videos in up to 1080p resolution even when driving fast. Dash cams can capture details such as street signs and license plates. Be sure to record any important evidence. Perfect for Uber, Taxi, Rideshare or Lyft drivers.

140 degree wide angle

Capture the entire process in front of you with an ultra-wide-angle lens that adjusts automatically, fine-tuning the camera's exposure to create well-balanced photos and videos.

Emergency lock with gravity sensing

With a built-in G-sensor, the dashboard camera can quickly detect emergency situations and automatically lock the lens to prevent it from blurring and keep important recordings safe.

Built-in wireless network

On the road or on the go, you can instantly use the [Car_DVR] app to watch videos on your device.

Episode recording

Loop recording records 1/3/5 minute videos and automatically overwrites the oldest unlocked file when the micro SD card is full. Get rid of uninstalling unnecessary videos manually.

Easy to install

This dash cam will not block your vision, making it a safer option for driving. It is very easy to install and use.

  • 【Full HD 1080p Full HD Video】AotuLink driving recorder uses Sony's high-quality image processor and lens, 1080P HD image quality, can clearly capture license plates and road signs, and record more detailed evidence. Easy to assemble and disassemble. The compact body design never obstructs your vision while driving, so you can use it with confidence.
  • 【Enhanced Night Vision / 140 Degree Wide Angle】This dashboard camera adopts high-quality aperture to improve the dynamic capture of light and shadow in the night environment, making you feel more comfortable when driving at night. The 140-degree wide angle ensures excellent image quality and a wider field of view for worry-free driving.
  • The real-time driving recorder of the mobile application is with WIFI, and the mobile phone must be connected to the WIFI driving recorder when using. Once connected, all videos, photos and videos stored by the dash cam are seamlessly transferred to your phone, allowing you to watch live video and playback of recorded videos, as well as save files to your phone for ease of use and viewing.
  • 【G-Sensor / Emergency Video】 Gravity sensor with adjustable sensitivity, the dash cam will automatically turn off video in real time in the event of an accident or collision. The scene of the accident can be reproduced realistically and gives you a sense of reassurance. Protect the video from overwriting. This saves you from paying conflicts. (Required if parking meter mode is active, not included)
  • Automatically overwrite loop recording The dash cam automatically overwrites the oldest video with the latest video. You can lock the video to make sure it is not overwritten. You can set the duration of each video by yourself and it will be recorded automatically while you are driving. Supports microSD cards Class 10 (and above) from 16GB to 128GB (not included)

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