AstroAI Digital Portable Air Compressor Pump
AstroAI Digital Portable Air Compressor Pump

AstroAI Portable Air Compressor, 12V DC Digital Tire Inflator, Max Air Flow 35 L/min, LED Light, Overheat Protection, Nozzle Adapter and Valve, Blue

Fill it in correctly the first time

The AstroAI 12V Portable Air Compressor Pump makes inflating your tires quick and easy. No need to inflate tires, check pressure, adjust, check and repeat over and over, just inflate tires to the exact pressure you want. Fill tires twice as fast or even faster to set specifications with fewer tools! Save time and get it right the first time.

high quality construction

This tire pump is made of only high quality materials and can inflate your tires at a rate of 35L/min. Remember that a typical car only needs about 30 pounds per square inch to operate safely. The rubber hoses are insulated and extra thick for excellent performance.

Strong permanent magnet motor

Pure copper coil motor, improve performance, reduce power consumption, and make inflation safer and more durable.

Intelligent fire protection

Fuses can effectively protect the air compressor, and we have prepared replacement valves for you.

Overheat protection

Above 100°/212°C, overheat protection is automatically turned off; Max continuous run time: 15 minutes - Improves tire safety.

widely used

Wide range of inflatable applications, inflatable boats for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, balls, airbags, sports balls, etc.

White backlight with large LCD screen

White backlight is brighter than other colors; The backlit LCD screen provides visibility in dimly lit areas and helps you easily inflate tires.

0.5-1.5 PSI over preset

Completely solve the problem of low pressure after removing the valve seal after the inflation is completed, making the inflation more accurate.

Night light

The bright 4pcs LED light operates easily in the dark, keeping you visible to avoid danger.

  • Safety improvement: Properly inflated tires provide better all-weather performance; avoid collisions, punctures and premature tire wear; Built-in valves prevent the air compressor from overloading, making it safer for everyone. Note: Please make sure that the cigarette lighter current is 10-15A to avoid burning the car fuse.
  • ADVANCED ACCURACY: Professionally calibrated to always return readings within 1% of tire pressure. Stop guessing! The final inflation value is 0.5-1.5psi higher than the preset value; After the air blowing is completed, the pressure drop problem is solved after the valve seal is completely removed, and the air blowing is more accurate
  • Simple and fast: just start your car, plug in the air compressor and charge it! The high-flow pump pumps up to 35 liters per minute to get you on the road quickly; Includes a storage box for added convenience.
  • Overheating protection: over 100°/212°C automatic shutdown of overheating protection; Max continuous running time: 15 minutes
  • All-in-one functions: LED backlight with PSI, KPA and Bar measurements; Includes needle, two cone adapters, spare fuse and valve cap, and LED light; Suitable for car and motorcycle tires, airbags, sports balls, balls and other cars; Note: LT, HT and Truck tires are not supported

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