BOSCH 3945 ADS 525x Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool
BOSCH 3945 ADS 525x Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool

BOSCH 3945 ADS 525x Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool with Wireless VCI - Extremely Flexible | top speed | extreme access | State-of-the-art coverage for the original equipment class

ADS 525X - The next generation diagnostic tool from Bosch, the world's leading diagnostic brand. Includes OEM quality vehicle coverage with scanning support, real-time data access, and full bi-directional functionality. Ultra Flexible: Full access is free for the first year of a plan subscription, plus a free 30-day trial with an upgraded subscription. The extended subscription includes a comprehensive color scheme with diagrams, repair resources, and a comprehensive library of OEM service and tool repair information. Upgrade to an upgraded subscription at any time, with the option to renew annually to suit your needs and budget. Wireless VCI gives you the freedom to move around the crib and stay connected to the car. Ultra Fast: Use Quick Scan to perform a full system scan at breakneck speed. DTC scans were performed on all systems in an average of 60 seconds. A full scan of many vehicles takes a maximum of 30 seconds. Complete the before and after report with an overview of all the possible systems available to the vehicle. New hardware and software technologies powered by Android 9 or later deliver superior performance on a scalable, scalable platform that delivers faster processing and more memory to improve the efficiency of the diagnostic process. Easily browse videos, browse online resources, and more. With up to 14 hours of battery life and weeks of standby time, you can spend more time on the gadget and less time on the charger. Maximum: Premium Vehicle Coverage: Domestic, Asian and European Vehicle Repair Services have provided coverage and information for most vehicles since 1976. Bosch diagnostic tools are certified to provide secure vehicle unlocking access via the support of the newly discovered FCA Security Gateway (SGW) module. The 8-inch high-definition, full-width LCD screen provides excellent readability in bright indoor and outdoor environments.

Compatible with 2018 and newer FCA vehicles

The Bosch ADS Kit offers access to 2018 and newer FCA vehicles equipped with a Safety Gateway (SGW). Only authorized instruments can access features such as DTC scanning, two-way testing, and calibration on SGW compliant vehicles.

Faster speeds save time, more turns

Bosch ADS series tools feature Quick Scan, a new feature that saves you time and allows you to start repairs faster, increasing vehicle turnover in your workshop. On average, Quick-Scan completes a two-page scan in 60 seconds.

Advanced OE Vehicle Coverage

It includes information on industry-leading OEM vehicles since 1976, scanable coverage, direct data access, and full two-way functionality for domestic, Asian and European vehicles.

Wireless VCI ensures freedom of movement

The ADS 525x features a wireless VCI that allows you to move freely anywhere in the cab and stay connected to the vehicle via the ADS 525x tablet. The VCI also includes an illuminated OBD II connector that includes an integrated LCD screen to conveniently display battery voltage.

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