Cellet AC to DC Power Converter 120V/110V AC to 12V DC 3Amp
Cellet AC to DC Power Converter 120V/110V AC to 12V DC 3Amp

Cellet Power Converter AC to DC 120V / 110V AC to 12V DC 3A 3000mAh Car Cigarette Lighter 12V Car Cigarette Lighter AC to DC Power Converter Plug 120V / 110 Car Cigarette Lighter Voltage converter to 12 volts

When converting from 100 to 240 volts, it provides an output of 3000 mA, adding to the convenience of the 12 volt car charger. The Cellet Power Adapter allows you to use your car charger as an AC travel charger. Simply connect the cigarette lighter plug to the power adapter and plug it into a power outlet. Please note: This adapter provides enough power for smartphones, GPS systems, MP3 players, cameras and other small portable devices. Not recommended for tire pumps, airbags, air compressors, electric blankets, 12V car vacuums, and other appliances that require more than 3A of power. AC Adapter / ACDC Adapter Please check your rating before use. This component is also designed for 3000mA or 3A.

  • By converting 100V 110V 120V to 12V, it provides 3A output (3000mA) and provides the convenience of a 12V car charger.
  • Plugs into a standard 110/120V AC outlet
  • Turn on the DC car charger by switching to AC power (the car is electrically connected)
  • Universal Compatibility - Works with cell phones, GPS systems, car chargers and other small devices
  • Not recommended for air compressor, tire inflator, air inflator, electric blanket, 12V car vacuum cleaner; Please check your rating before use. Extensive use is not recommended. Please check the compatibility of the power supply

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