Cooler Master GM34-CWQA Ultra-WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor
Cooler Master GM34-CWQA Ultra-WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor

Cooler Master GM34-CWQA 34" ARGB Ultra-WQHD QD Tech 3440x1440 Curved Gaming Monitor, 144Hz, 1500R Curve, 8-bit Quantum Dot VA, ARGB, AMD FreeSync Premium, VESA Mount Milt-Height Adjustment

Designed for everyone, the GM34-CWQA delivers excellent value and efficiency in WQHD resolution, enhancing your work/gaming experience with 98% DCI-P3 Wideband Quantum Dot Technology at 144MHz. We offer gamers and developers fun gameplay moments, entertainment, and powerful professional tools, all in a stylish and affordable package.

  • Totally immersive: The Ultra-WQHD QD Tech 3440 x 1440 display delivers unparalleled clarity, detail and depth for your gaming and productivity experience.
  • This is where speed lives: Finally, no more latency. The powerful 144Hz refresh rate and 0.5ms response time (MPRT) ensure better cursor tracking, better movement and optimal viewing conditions.
  • Curved Experience: Curved gaming monitors bring you closer to reality and really let you see, feel and play better.
  • FreeSync Premium + HDR: FreeSync Premium tests and HDR400 display technology deliver flawless images. With the push of a button, gamers can enable F FreeSync Premium + HDR for the best gaming experience.
  • Quantum Dot Reality: Realistic Images Quantum Dot technology delivers up to 98% DCI-P3 and 125% sRGB for a more vibrant, pure, and natural color experience.
  • DESIGNED FOR YOU: The cast aluminum stand is a beautiful table centerpiece. Our "Halo" mount supports height adjustment of up to 100mm and tilt of 15°.
  • Intelligent Ambient Lighting: Use MasterPlus+ to control ARGB lighting and sync to display on-screen color and visualization in real time.

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